Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Love Box : What I Wore

I finally popped my Love Box virginity! 

Good for me I hear you say? Yep good me bloody me!

I have to admit I'm not a festival goer. Wireless is the only festival I've ever been to and that was in 2010. Concerts are more my thing. 
But this summer I made it my mission to attend a few. 

I remember checking my weather app on the Monday and crying into my hands when the dark clouds and rain popped onto my screen for the Saturday. All I could think about is how the heck am I going to pull off what I'm wearing with a friggin' rain mac?
It simply wasn't an option.
Tuesday I checked again, Wednesday and Thursday the weather still wasn't budging, Friday I gave up and decided to hunt online for rain wear.
Saturday morning I woke up and checked the weather app again... tah dah! No rain! God had answered my prayers! 

We was in full festival mode! 

Highlight of the day: NAS

I wish i could put into words on how amazing it was but below pretty much sums it up.

Dress - Never Fully Dressed | Dr Martens - Schuh | Cat Ears Headband - Charity shop in Berwick St

Bring on next year!

Friday, 4 July 2014

Just Fab-ulous

Its odd how crazy a pair of shoes can make me feel

I pulled a muscle in my back a few weeks ago and I was the worst pain physical pain I had felt all year.
The pain was unbearable and I worked through for around 5 days until I couldn't take it anymore and headed into A&E.

That very day a package arrived... a big boxed package.

On an average day I would have jumped at the chance to open it.
I love receiving packages when I shop online as it feels like a present to myself. 
This particular day the pain I endured made me push the package to one side. 

However living with an over excited 10 year boy, he needed to know what this mystery package contained. 

I absolutely forgot I had ordered these shaaaaamaaazing shoes. 
Damn you Just-Fab for forcing me to buy these!
... and when I say forced I was actually forced to by something from the website as I completely forgot to skip my month (For full details on what I'm talking about see here).

I have to say I'm very funny about ordering shoes online. I've ordered from Just Fab in the past and their shoes have never been a problem, but I've never been 100% satisfied. 
But these bloody beauts.... 
I wanted to sleep in them. 
Dispute my bad back I had to try them on


These pictures were obviously taken when my back had healed... 

I practically live in these shorts right? 

Top - Bershka | Shorts - Levis Vintage | Shoes - Just-Fab

Have a FAB Friday!

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Culettes Crazy

Urgh... another fashion fad that I decided to partake in...

When they say that fashion does a 360 they wasn't wrong. I remember owning a pair of these a few years back... now i regret throwing them out as they could have mad a comeback!


It was a sunny day in London town and I was on my way to a meeting in central. SALE SALE SALE everywhere. Topshop SALE, River Island SALE, H&M SALE... I was in my element I tell yah!

However I hadn't secured a job yet so my last bit of money had to be used wisely. 
Bershka's sales are always pretty decent, and I normally can find an amazing item for next to nothing in the sales. 
Walking through the monstrous rails of sale clothing, I glimpsed over at the 'normal' priced items and she called me like she was my child... I kid you not. 

The Culettes of my dreams. 
'Try me...Try me' she whispered. 
I needed no more convincing. 

We was meant to be...


I've never felt so close to a piece of clothing ever. I hides all the lumps and bumps from the belly down and it's so free and comfortable. Plus white is perfect for summer!

I'm thinking about purchasing more but I know this phrase will be over come winter.

 Be prepared for midriff overload... FYI I hate my belly and these pictures are proof I need to hit the gym... more! 

 Top (made into a crop top) and Culettes - Bershka | Boots - Carvela for Kurt Geiger | Arm Bangle - Topshop

Right Now
Slightly hanging from a crazy night out...

This Week
Finally finding my feet (and voice) at my new job. It's pretty overwhelming coming from such a small indie company to a massive company but i'm enjoying it. 
I also watched 'Murdered by my Boyfriend' last night and I turned into a right old baby. It's such a horrific story and the fact that it's true makes me sick to my stomach that someone can do that to someone they claim they love. 
I could go on about this issue but I shall save my thoughts for another post...maybe. 

Looking Forward To
It's one of oldest and closest friends birthday this weekend and she is also expecting. I can't wait to see her this weekend to celebrate her birthday and baby shower!