Friday Ramblings

Since weaning myself off diary I have been craving pizza all the friggin' time!

I've gained so much weight that I'm actually considering starving myself for a month.

Clearly the weight gain is from the excess drinking on the weekends....

XFactor is now becoming a NONFactor.

This week has been the biggest test of my life... I.AM.TIRED.

Following from 5. Can someone give me a neck massage... non London residents feel free to send me Spa vouchers. :P

Ebola is bloody scaring the hell out of me!

Seriously - If this disease is not contained we will fucking DIE!

Another 'Seriously' Moment... how bloody good is Scandal... each season gets better and better!

What the Fudge is up with Beyonce's new barnet.... No boo. Just no.

Duster Coat - Vulgar via Asos Marketplace | Shirt - Vintage via Berwick St | Skirt - Missguided | Boots - Primark

I am in pure love with this longline duster coat.



How often have you ever thought about something you wanted to create - a look, a business plan or even redecorating?
How hard was it to achieve it?
But how amazing were the results? 


This was one of the hardest looks to nail down. 
I've had this sleeveless trench coat since summer - I've worn it a few times off the whim but nothing blog worthy. Every time I style it for the blog I look back at the pictures and realise how wrong I had got it. 

So I had to Think about the look I wanted to Create.

What I love about this trench is that it's very versiltile and can be worn dressed down for a casual look or dressed up for a high-end fashion look. 
My style is neither but somewhat inbetween.

You think I pulled it off?

Sleeveless Trench & Shoes- Missguided | Cullettes - Bershka | Top - Topshop

Right Now
Admiring my new blog layout.
Thanks to the lovely Serena over at Pretty Wild Things for hooking me up!
I wanted to go for a simple, editorial look and get rid of most of my widgets as I felt like it looked too messy and clogged up.

This Week
...has been somewhat crazy! I don't think I have time to even think - not that I'm complaining but sometimes you just need a five minute kitkat break to get your thoughts together.
One good thing that has come out of this week is that I've started back in the gym. Let's hope I can keep this up as the weight is piling on and I absolutely hate it!

Looking Forward To
Getting some well deserved sleep!
Early nights for me all this week!

I hope you all have had an amazing weekend. x


Mood - Black

This sudden weather change has left my mood (and body) in the worst way.
I love the colder days because I get to hibernate but I hate RAIN!
The only time when rain is acceptable is at night - the soothing sound of rain on my window puts me right to sleep.. other than that the rain needs to stay away. 


I got this black maxi cotton dress from H&M's new collection 'Grey is the new Black'.
I absolutely love this collection, it's very dark and experimental - perfect for A/W.
The hooded detail adds a touch of evasiveness - which I love.
It's also really warm so you can pair it with jumpers and boots for when the weather starts to get colder.

Dress - H&M

Right Now
I should be working....

This Week
I've been so busy recently which has resulted in a back log of life admin that I need to take care of.
Jumping from one job to another (without any time off) has taken a toll on my life - this week the aim is to take care of everything I have been ignoring for the past few months!

Looking Forward To
My friend Nica is celebrating her 26th at a lovely cottage in Devon at the end of this month.
 I'm looking forward to getting out of London for a few days and turning all the way up for the weekend!

Two more day till the weekend!