Brain Dump & Life Update

25 February 2017

Well hello there…

I feel it's been too long. Again. Missed you! In all honesty, I haven't had any interesting things to write about recently. I could tell you guys how amazing my outfits are or what inspired me to wear/purchase them but I'd rather have a little more substance to my posts. #noshade

So here's a little brain dump and what I've been up to recently along with an outfit post... of course! 

I recently visited the beautiful city of Berlin recently. I'll try and do a photo diary post on it soon (notice how I said 'TRY', I obviously have commitment issues). Anyhoo, It was an amazing trip. We relaxed, we partied, we ate and we took in what the city had to offer. I've always wanted to go and I'm glad I did. Definitely one of my favourite cities so far. I'll definitely be back before the year ends!

House Make Over! 
I finally decided to take the first steps to redecorating the house. I've even put a Pinterest board together! I've been saying I need to redecorate for the longest, but something always comes up, this time I'm putting my foot down and doing even, even if I'm broke for it. I'm excited but nervous because I can be very indecisive at times.... bring on the challenge! 

Online Dating
Ahhhh the online dating era... does that make me a millennial for signing up to Tinder? I mean how else am I going to meet someone let's be real? I am officially too busy to socialise... how fucking sad is that! 
Anyway, I downloaded Tinder. Ha! Only for laughs. I got into a relationship when online dating became a thing so I've never experienced it. After around 2 weeks I deactivated it. I think it's good for people who are too busy to get out or have social anxiety as it eases the pressure of having to talk to someone you like in person, but it's not for me. That's not to say I won't try online dating in the near future but for now, instead of adding another app to my phone to excuse me from reality I'd rather chill with a cup of hot cocoa and watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on Netflix. 

Puffa Jacket - Topshop | Hoodie & Leggings - H&M | Boots - asos

Shop my look below!

Out of your Comfort Zone

29 January 2017

Literally vomiting at my double chin in this pic....

Nothing rarely catches your eye until someone else brings it to your attention. We're always so stuck in our ways and a style that when we see something that isn't the 'norm' we simply ignore the fact it's there. That was how this incredible pinafore dress made its way into my wardrobe. In an impromptu visit to our local H&M, my friend Donica and I were simply having a little browse when she came across this dress on the mannequin. I'll be honest I didn't think it was nice until she said it was... And I then tried it on and OMG…. How it made me feel. I mean I was a hot mess after a gruelling boot camp session but nonetheless, it looked good on me, I liked it, so I bought it.

I was totally out of my comfort zone when figuring out it to style it. Frills - yuck! Houndstooth - erm no. Tight-fitting? - get me to the gym asap! But I opted for the simple look as the dress has so much character anyway. I could wear this in the warmer months with a pair of white trainers and a t-shirt or pull a chunky knit over it paired with black ankle boots for a more conservative look.  I'm looking forward to playing with the different styles on this one.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate this bargain of a coat from Primark. I found this gem in the sales pre-Christmas for only a tenner! YES! I.KID.YOU.NOT! It's pretty flimsy and well worth the ten pounds but it's so lush that I couldn't resist. 

Pinafore Dress - H&M | Turtle Neck and Shearling Coat - Primark | Boots - Zara
Right Now...
It's Sunday! I have to say I've had the most chilled yet eventful weekend in a long time. The past weekends have consisted of either partying and nursing my hangover all weekend, or staying in all weekend due to the crazy week. I actually feel good right now, like I can start the week off right. 

This Week...
Has been cray. Work has officially taken over my life but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I enjoy what I do which can't be said for some. I did, however, attend a really inspiring talk on Tuesday night held by Future Girl Corp, they offer talks and advice on female start-ups, addressing their trials and tribulations and how we can avoid them. They're held each month and I definitely recommend attending one!

Looking Forward To...
BERLIN BITCHES! This was an off the cuff decision to visit Berlin, I desperately needed a little break (Christmas break doesn't count!) and I didn't want to be here during Valentines, for obvious reasons. So my friend and I booked flights to Berlin last week and the rest is history. We have no idea what we're actually going to do, but Berlin has been a city I wanted to visit for ages. If you've been let me know the go-to places in the comments below! 

Hello 2017!

22 January 2017

Hey, 2017! First blog post of the year and all that jazz!

I'm not sure if we can still say happy new year as we're 3 weeks in, however in all honestly I wrote this post in the first week of the year I've been sitting on it for ages... 

I've contemplated writing this post because I'm all honestly I'm in a transitional place right now. I wanted to make this post about what I learnt in 2016 and a general recap of the year but in all honesty, I absolutely hated 2016. Yes, there were good parts but for the most part, I wasn't happy. So fuck dwelling on the shittest year ever and let's move the fuck on...

Life update
Firstly - I'm newly single and that's not because of the ex BF was a monster - the complete opposite he was perfect however not perfect for me.... 
Secondly - I'm glad to be over 2016 as it was a F**ked up year but I still feel like the 2016 Michelle is starting to creep into 2017 Michelle.
Thirdly - I'm recovering from the cold/flu since New Years so I'm only really getting into the new year now.
And last but not least work has been non-stop since we touched down.

So in a nutshell 2017 has been crazy so far and we're hitting our fourth week!

The contemplation for writing this post was because, in all honesty, I'm pretty much meh.... I'm neither happy or sad I'm just mediocre. And I don't know whether it's a good thing or not. I have my days where I'm super chill then there are days where I'm down but 'ok' and then I have the days where I have too much time to think and that's when I turn to Rachet TV to simmer the brain!

New outlook
I'm looking forward to getting stuck into the blog properly this year. I know I say this year every year but I really want to do more with the blog. I want to start by being more honest and allowing my personality to show rather than the pretty pictures. I look back at when I first started and how I honest I used to be. I miss that.
I'm looking forward to embracing the single the Michelle and letting her shine throughout VK. And I'm also looking forward to new experiences within myself. I'm turning the big 30 this year and I've been dreading it since I turned 28 but now I'm actually looking forward to it. I've achieved so much in the last 5 years and I want to celebrate that.

So that's my little catch-up and to say Happy new year you beautiful people! Let's keep in touch in 2017 x

And in celebration of the New Year here's a little something I put together earlier...

The Sheer Dress

29 December 2016

Guys! It's my last outfit post of 2016! WTF how did this year go so fast.... I've probably posted a handful of times this year but I'm glad you guys still remain readers... the old and the new!

My final outfit post of 2016 is this sheer number. I remember seeing a similar one in Zara a few months back although it was sold out in my size. Then I saw this beaut on the asos website, and for only £17.99 it was hard to resist. What I like most about this sheer dress is that I can dress it up for a night-time look or dress it down for a daytime look. I love when I find pieces like this - it's like getting two outfits for the price of one! 

Dress - asos | T-Shirt and Boots (old) - H&M | Jeans - Bershka 

Right Now
Chilling, listening to my Spotify playlist - it's called 'Random Ish' for anyone that wants to follow it. I am so chill right now it makes me happy. I wish most days were like this...

This Week
Has been pretty chill. Actually, scrap that. It's been a mixture of chill and crazy. What's nice about the festive season is that most of your friends are off work too - I've been catching up with the faves, drinking, eating and just having fun. It's been nice.

Look Forward To
Going back to work! Whaaatttt - you say? I actually am. I can't wait to get stuck into this year and just do what makes me happy and work is one of those things. I've decided to go into the new year with a positive attitude and most importantly, enjoy living.

How's the festive period been treating you?

The Man Repellant Mules

21 December 2016

Isn't it strange how some men get repulsed by the most stunning and gorgeous items of clothing? It's almost like they don't get it, they don't get fashion, they don't get style and they don't get you! I came to that conclusion when I snap-chatted these gorgeous mules on my snapchat a few weeks ago. Literally two-thirds of my snapchat private messaged me to tell me how ugly they were and most of them were men... typical.

'Tinfoil shoes', 'paper mache' and loads of other insulting words were used to describe this work of art. However, that didn't phase me because I bought them. HA-Fucking-HA. 

I legit had a cinderella moment when I tried on these h&m mules. My friend Beth who was with at the time wasn't fond of them when I first picked them up, but when I tried them on she knew I had to buy them. There's something about an ugly shoe that you have to try them on to understand why they work. 

Unfortunately, I couldn't find these mules on the h&m website and I haven't seen them in a store since I bought them so I put together some other options which are just as sassy!

Right Now
Laying in bed... No work until the New Year bitches!

Last Week/This Week
Apart from fighting the dreaded cold/flu that has been going around, it's was my last week at work until next year! Whoop-de-doo! I usually never take the week before Christmas off because it's always so chill. But starting a new job I had to take my remaining annual leave... so here we are! Last week had been a manic week to end on, so happy to get some well-deserved rest!

Looking Foward to...
I want to say Christmas but I'm not. I hadn't bought a single present until two days ago. I feel like each year I'm becoming more and more unorganised. I miss the days when I had Christmas shopping completed by the end of November. I hate that I've become this person that leaves shit like this to the last minute. Makes me feel like I haven't got my shit together!
So... what I am looking forward to is a much-needed break. 

Christmas Faves

6 December 2016

How did we get here so bloody quick? Summer was literally yesterday. I actually remember last Christmas perfectly and now we're back here again... To be completely honest I feel more stressed than ever this year. Not only did my son turn 13 on the 1st December, (basically cost me an arm and leg) there's been a few changes in my life recently. Some for good and some for bad. This year has been a rollercoaster of emotions and Christmas festivities has taken a back seat. 
On another note - I'm trying to be more responsible with money and spending what I need rather than what I want. I want to buy my house soon so I'm saving like a crazy women. I made a vow that I'm going to leave all my careless spending in 2016. Wish me luck.

So.... moving on. Here are a few gems that I've racked up on my wish-list this year.

I've joined a book club. Yes an actual book club! It's actually pretty cool. We're now on our second book and although the nostalgia of reading a real book vs tech is second to none I'll rather have the convenience of reading from a Kindle than book. Especially for the commute to work. Lugging around a hefty book is not cute.

I've had my 100ml bottle for over 3 years and it's now on it's last few drops. Time to re-stock this beauty. However the price is a little off putting so anyone who wants to gift this bad boy... feel free.

Aloe Vera Plant
I have no plants in my house. I know crazy. The truth is I can't care for plants. It's more than likely they'll die in my care due to lack of care and watering. But I know for a fact that Aloe Vera plants don't require water daily or even regularly so this is one plant I can get down with.

*Since writing this post I have now purchased these babies! 

How fucking insane are these beauties. And for £40 you can't go wrong. These babies scream fun! I can see myself rocking these on a night out during the holidays. Or even on NYE if I get invited anywhere. Or I'm happy to just wear them while watching HBO's Insecure. 

I've had my eye on this bra ever since I visited their Mayfair store for work purposes. (No I am not an escort). I've never spent more than £40 on a bra but this beauty could definitely make me change my mind. It's also pretty versatile so I reckon I could also wear it as outwear too. 

I've been looking for the right purse to replace my current Bodens one. I hate massive purses - I've been looking for a nice leather one to fit all my cards and coins in.  

Basically everything I want in one jacket. 

Slip Dresses in Winter

29 November 2016

Spring/Summer 16' was the year of the slip dress ever since Kendall Jenner debuted the T-shirt/slip dress combo in April this year. I guess its something about the Kardashian clang that can make such a simple look go viral - let's be real every blogger, influencer and trend-setter was all over this look - including me! However on this occasion I wasn't influenced by the K Clang. But the 90s. Yes babes the 90s. Let's be honest the 90s was the bomb diggy and when they say fashion makes a 360... the 90s is a year I can get down with. 1. Because I'm a 90s baby (born in the 80s) and 2. it was the best decade for basically everything... Fashion. Music... shall I go on?

I purchased this slip dress ages ago from Zara. The plan was to wear it to one of the many festivals I attended paired with a white tee and biker boots. But it never made an appearance… until now.

Even though it's getting colder, doesn't necessarily mean my summer wardrobe should be eliminated. This slip dress is versatile for summer and winter. Paired with a long sleeved polo neck, some cute ass boots from office and the reoccurring forever21 longline coat that I just can't seem to let go of, it's the perfect outfit to tackle the cold… boom!

Slip Dress - Zara | Coat - Forever21 | Boots - Office

Did you get sucked into the slip dress trend too? And are you planning on wearing it through winter - let me know how you plan on styling it :)

Blogging Hiatus and Snakeskin Boots

21 November 2016

I've been battling a lot with this blog recently… and yes I know I've mentioned it so many times before but I'm mentioning it again because I can. More than recently I wasn't sure I wanted to continue blogging and I even felt like picking up a new hobby, like knitting or jewellery making to fill the void. But in all honesty I didn’t want to stop blogging. I love it. I love putting new outfits together, sharing beauty tips, divulging in my latest holiday or adventure or just sharing good or not-so-good news.

Now with that being said I am the laziest hard working person I know. And if you don't know what that means let me break it down for you… I will work my ass off and give 110% in everything I do, whether it's work or leisure but give me a chill pill and I'll take in an instant. I love chilling and I'm the queen of sleep (understand that if I give up sleep or food for something it means I really care) but because I don't get it often I'm not ready to give it up - so when it comes to my blog having to sacrifice my ME time is hard work within itself. But I've realised that the only reason why it felt like hard work was because I wasn't enjoying the actual blogging anymore - it was the outcome and views/comments/likes that became the focal point.

I enjoy putting outfits together and seeing what goes with what. What suits my body type and what doesn't. Experimenting with photos and locations. That's what made blogging fun for me. So with that being said hopefully I'm back for a while and I can make this permanent. 

Have you taken an hiatus from blogging? Why? And what made you come back?  


Now... on the why you're all here.... the outfit!

It has taken me AGES to blog these insane snakeskin leather boots from JD Williams. I was gifted these few months ago and only recently managed to take these bad boys out for a spin. I also purchased this cute smock dress from asos recently and knew these boots would pair perfectly with them. I'll be the first to admit that I hate the colder months. Especially when it gets to 10 degrees my sense of fashion goes straight out of the window and I dress for the weather and I never make it cute. However this look was super simple to achieve! Slap a pair of 100 denier tights and a long line coat we're all good to tackle this horrid weather!

Boots - JD Williams* | Dress - asos | Coat (old) - Forever21 | Sunnies - Topshop

I feel like I have so much to catch you all up on but I'll save that for another post x 

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