The Tutu Dress

There is definitely something about a Tutu dress that makes every girl feel that 80s feeling.
I just wanna dance around the house to Whitney Houston's 'I wanna Dance with Somebody' with a pair of leg warmers and a bright pink head band.

I snapped this beauty in the ASOS sale before Christmas for only £12. For the price I imagined the quality to be quite cheap but to my surprise the fabric isn't half bad and it fits perfectly... especially around the brassiere area (only those who suffer from big-boob-itis would understand).

I decided to give this girly dress a rockstar feeling by adding my trusty Topshop jacket and bright blue lipstick.
I've so in love with my Virgo Blue Lipstick from Nizz Cosmetics but due to the astounding pop of colour it's not an everyday wear.

Style yay or nay?

Dress - ASOS | Leather Jacket - Topshop | Shoes - KG | Lipstick - Nizz Cosmetics 


Weekly Feelings #1

I'm thinking of making 'Weekly Feelings' a regular thing on VK as it allows me to 1. Ensure I have a weekly post running through the blog and 2. I get to give you amazing readers a run down of a. How I'm feeling and b. My entire week.
Yay for you guys!

The last week and a half I've been without my training wheels. 
I call 'her' my training wheels because I recently got a new job working under the Head of Production for a Creative Branding Agency and she left last week to work for an amazing production company... leaving me all on my own!
Not quite all on my own but you get the drill.
I told myself that the first week would be a great test as I didn't have her to lean on when shit hit the fan and to be honest I only had to call her once - pats self on the shoulder.

Hair Update
I got my barnet done this weekend! yay!
Finally said goodbye to the plaits as I've been rocking them for a while now... It feels so good to have a fresh new hair style and more importantly some feel good weave.
I'm starting to realise that my natural hair is going to be a lot of work and I now understand why I permed it in the first place! I have a whole lotta hair and it's thick as hell.
Natural hair bloggers if you have anything you can recommend for maintaining my thick fuzzy hair then please let me know!

I've done all my requesting for the London Fashion Week shows this AW15! Feeling pretty accomplished as I normally request for tickets 2 weeks before hand. I was if'ing and but'ing about going this year as I've been battling with the blog for a while and more importantly battling with the fashion side of the blog.
Then I reminded myself that I shouldn't let a little 'bloggers block' get in the way of checking out LFW and networking!
Are any of you beauties thinking of checking out LFW this season?

Coat & Shirt - Primark | Boots - New Look via ASOS


Life Right Now

This is probably going to be one of most uninteresting posts I have to date... why? Because I've been feeling so unmotivated lately.
My mojo has just gone poof! Goodbye!

Life has been super duper busy, so much that I don't know my front to my back.
The stress levels are beyond 100% and all I want to do is take a long bath and go to bed.

I'm not sure if the lack of motivation is to do with the that fact I'm so consumed with work I haven't really had the chance to get out and socialise.
I definitely need a little kick start.

The winter days are definitely making me want to stick to the darker colours and black is making an indefinite appearance in my wardrobe.
I told myself that I wouldn't be 'sale' shopping but the ASOS sale had been too good to pass up!

I got this crochet style midi dress for only £21 and the over the shoulder bag for only £9! Such a bargain.
I'm a very proud shopper for finding these beauties!
I initially wanted to go for darker lippy to finish this outfit but I felt it was overkill and slightly stepping into gothic territory.

Dress, Bag and Shoes - ASOS | Leather Jacket - Topshop