Saturday, 12 April 2014

Forgotten About...

The amount of outfit pictures I take for this blog is insane, some make it on Virgos and Kisses and others.... well they just get dismissed. 
Usually because I don't like how I look in them, the outfit is not blog worthy or i'm just being a fussing B***h. 
It happens.

I took these pictures a while back when I had the french bob and looking back at them they don't seem so bad.
So today they are making an appearance!

Oh ello ello.

Hoodie - Nica's | Top - Topshop | Denim Skirt - New Look | Socks - H&M | Boots - DMs | Hat - Rokit

Right Now
Turning down again this weekend. 
Was supposed to attend a surprise party but my body needs to rest so badly. 
I've been taking easy of late... just because.

Looking Forward To
Amsterdam with my facking bishes! It couldn't come any sooner!

This Week
So much planning! It's my Mums big 60 so I need to figure out asapish what to get her. She's not materialistic at all and appreciates the simpler things so I need to think of something which is sentimental and personal. 
Open to ideas... 

I need new hair....

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Black and White - April WishList

Black and White is where it's at...

The past few weeks i have been pondering over the above and my heart won't go on if I don't have every single item in my possession. 

I haven't done a wishlist in yonks and it's simply because I haven't had anything that i've been wishing for but as summer is vastly approaching you get that urge to want to update your wardrobe... right? 
I have to be honest and say that I can't see myself getting to crazy with colours (especially the pastel colours that are in trend this season) this spring/summer. Don't get me wrong I do love a pop of colour here and there but BLACK and WHITE is the almighty colours of colours. 

All hail King Black and Queen White.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

No Stains

Ahhh the consequences of wearing All White. NO STAINS!
Not my favourite colour I must say but it does make you feel somewhat Angel-Like when floating around in all white. 

Boohoo have been stepping up their game recently. 
It's normally an 'once in a blue moon' purchase on shopping sites like Boohoo and Missguided but Boohoo's Boutique range immediately had me drooling at the edge of my seat! 
I exaggerate NOT! 
The pretty prints, boo-hoo chic cuts and tailored to this years Spring/Summer trend I literary couldn't wait for pay day! 

*I fell for this white baggy dropped hem dress, but it feels a bit too baggy, I would recommend buying a size smaller or getting it taken in at the waist. 

....did I forget to mention these fierce gladiator sandals? *peers over at them*
Ever since Alexander Wang dropped his SS13 Gladiator Sandal it was love at first sight. 
However my bank account has no right owning a pair of AW Gladiators and all the other dupes still weren't in my price range, I even considered saving up for a pair as I needed these babies in my life! Then Summer ended and the wish-for-it-sandals was only a mere wish. 
Then Boohoo dropped these insane Alexander Wang dupes for £30 and my life shoe collection was complete!


Notice anything new?...... Hint: Something in-between my eyes and mouth :P