Angels the Costumiers

29 April 2013

Some of the perks of my job is that i get to go to exciting places, whether it be scouting a location on a recce, sourcing talent or just checking out one of the biggest costumiers in the country! Angels is the number one costume department for Film and TV in the UK. With two huge floors full of different costumes ranging from westerns, vintage, ballroom costumes and the 1920s era, you name it they have it.
Recently at work we have been working on programmes which require us to hire in costumes and a lot of those costumes have been for Judges and Barristers, we may get the odd policeman here and there. As a production company we are fairly new to hiring in costumes are we have never really had to use them in our media. So it was pretty exciting to check out the warehouse.

Angels, which is located in Hendon, North West London, is home to thousands and thousands of costumes. Check out there website here. A majority of the costumes are hand made by in-house tailors and a few you can tell are most probably sourced from all over the world. I was especially amazed by some of the ancient warrior costumes and the 1920s costumes they reminded me of one of my favorite period films 'The Great Gatsby' which they provided the costumes for!.

Me... a Photographer?

28 April 2013

I have never thought as myself as a photographer. I enjoy taking photos with my Canon 500d which I got for Christmas 3 years ago, but to call myself a photographer is a bit far fetched!

I have an online boutique called MKD Rocks but of recent I have taken it off-line to work out some kinks but stay tuned as I am hoping to relaunch towards the end of year. But on to the reason why I am mentioning this, for the boutique I took a lot of the pictures to showcase the products, which is where I practically had to teach myself fashion photography. Although I am very critical of myself I never thought that they where good enough but they had to make do as we couldn't afford a professional photographer. I come from a  media production background which is why cameras, lighting etc comes naturally to me although a stills camera and a film camera use similar settings there is a difference. I find when filming your aim is to make the piece of media you are producing; whether it be a film, a short or a music video, to capture the elements of moving image you are concentrating on more than one thing ensuring that what we see in the camera is consistent. However with photography you are capturing a moment, bringing that image to life, i reckon you have to be a bit more creative to become a photographer than a camera man, but hey that is just my opinion.

I have to say I struggled with the studio shoots as having to light the clothes, model and keep shadows away turnt out to be harder than I thought. I felt much more at home with the on location shoots as I can use the natural light and scenery to make my pictures come alive. Which is why I love taking pictures. Check them out below. These are pictures of the designers we had on MKD Rocks, The Jeans Jackers are made by a designer called Leren Connor check out her FB page here and LIKE if you LOVE! And the Beanie Hat is made by a brand called Idyllic Youth check them out here.

A close friend of mine who is an actress asked me to take some head shots for her and her two friends who are also actresses. When she asked I was excited for the challenge! These head shots had to be perfect as my photos are going to reflect them as actresses and determine whether they get the job or not. Plus I was competing with all the professional head shots out there... So yeah you could say I had a lot of pressure on my head. I was very confident as I know my camera very well. I have had it for three years!

So check them out and let me know what you think!

Thought i would throw in one of the girls having fun!

NOTE: The head shots have not been edited.

26 April 2013

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My Iron Man experience

Yesterday was the official release of Iron Man 3 in the UK. Excited much? I was! After being a true fan of the first and second I was very optimistic about the third. Wandsworth Cinemax was my destination and I was prepared to make my Iron man 3 experience worth while.

Opening sequence started with a voice over from not only the man himself 'Tony Stark', immediately I knew they was going to be one of those films which reflect back on his life before iron man. And I was absolutely right! Iron Man 3 was action packed with all the contents we loved in the first and second, bombs, guns, fighting machines and Tony Stark's funny yet ignorant punch lines. Yet this one felt more personal and we got to see the man behind Iron Man. The first and the second was your typical save the word blah blah blah scenario, which is what you generally expect from action movies. To be honest you don't need much of a brain to enjoy one lets be honest. But in the third we saw Iron Man as a person not just a hero who fought bad people.

The on screen chemistry between Robert Downey Jr. (Tony Stark) and Gwyneth Paltrow (Pepper Potts) remained consistent and as a viewer you began to believe that he needed her more than she needed him. In the film we see Pepper Potts steer away from Tony Stark's shadow and become her own women, she gains a great deal of confidence and at one stage you see her save her man... twice! I think of Beyonce's 'Who runs the world' anthem when i say this.

I don't want to give to much away as this is not a film review it's just my thoughts on the film. I gave this film 4/5 as the story was told with substance, the film contained a lot of humor and kept true to the Marvel technique of story telling... and of course jam packed with a lot of action!

I defiantly recommend you watch!  

Virgos and Kisses

25 April 2013

I am not going to write, "First Blog Post... blah blah blah", because that bores me and to be honest even though is my first blog post for 'Virgos and Kisses' i have created many blogs over the years for various projects so technically this is NOT my first!

First things first there is no need to describe myself as there is no point, if you choose to follow this blog whoever you are in the internet-sphere then you will gradually see who i am and what i enjoy doing. This blog will be dedicated to my lifestyle and what i like, don't like and just general issues and topics that interest me. You do not have to like it but hey its MY blog so deal with it! No that was harsh... forgive me.

So on to the interesting stuff! Picking the name for my blog. It wasn't an easy task but we got there in the end. Virgos and Kisses pretty much describes me and what i like in two words... to be very honest there are probably a few more i would add but i am a proud Virgo and i like Kisses... the chocolate...

I wouldn't say i am an expert on blog names far from it but i do have a few pointers when trying to find the perfect name for your blog.

  1. What is your blog about? For example, if your blog is a representation of YOU then choose something which describes you best but in a quirky nature. If you like sweets and shopping, pick your favorite sweet (marshmallows) and favorite item of clothing you bought recently (maxi dress) and combine the two! Marshmallows and Maxi's... you get the drift. 
  2. Fashion blogs are amazing and i enjoy reading them, but when your blog has the name 'Fashion' in it, it can sometimes come across very broad and usually never tells us anything about the blogger, so widen your horizon. What made you want to start a fashion blog? What areas of fashion do you enjoy blogging about? Think about it....
  3. What really irks me about blogs names is that a lot of people aren't adventurous anymore. I mean naming your blog what your actual name is, is kind bore and to be honest all you are telling me is that this is your blog, it lacks personality and doesn't tell me anything about you. Come on! get crazy, think outside the box, don't be a bore bag! I love crazy blog names and to be honest that is what attracts me to someones blog... the crazy names!
  4. Final food for thought... Try not to think to over-think. Its only a bloody blog name! 


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