Angels the Costumiers

29 April 2013

Some of the perks of my job is that i get to go to exciting places, whether it be scouting a location on a recce, sourcing talent or just checking out one of the biggest costumiers in the country! Angels is the number one costume department for Film and TV in the UK. With two huge floors full of different costumes ranging from westerns, vintage, ballroom costumes and the 1920s era, you name it they have it.
Recently at work we have been working on programmes which require us to hire in costumes and a lot of those costumes have been for Judges and Barristers, we may get the odd policeman here and there. As a production company we are fairly new to hiring in costumes are we have never really had to use them in our media. So it was pretty exciting to check out the warehouse.

Angels, which is located in Hendon, North West London, is home to thousands and thousands of costumes. Check out there website here. A majority of the costumes are hand made by in-house tailors and a few you can tell are most probably sourced from all over the world. I was especially amazed by some of the ancient warrior costumes and the 1920s costumes they reminded me of one of my favorite period films 'The Great Gatsby' which they provided the costumes for!.

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