My Iron Man experience

26 April 2013

Yesterday was the official release of Iron Man 3 in the UK. Excited much? I was! After being a true fan of the first and second I was very optimistic about the third. Wandsworth Cinemax was my destination and I was prepared to make my Iron man 3 experience worth while.

Opening sequence started with a voice over from not only the man himself 'Tony Stark', immediately I knew they was going to be one of those films which reflect back on his life before iron man. And I was absolutely right! Iron Man 3 was action packed with all the contents we loved in the first and second, bombs, guns, fighting machines and Tony Stark's funny yet ignorant punch lines. Yet this one felt more personal and we got to see the man behind Iron Man. The first and the second was your typical save the word blah blah blah scenario, which is what you generally expect from action movies. To be honest you don't need much of a brain to enjoy one lets be honest. But in the third we saw Iron Man as a person not just a hero who fought bad people.

The on screen chemistry between Robert Downey Jr. (Tony Stark) and Gwyneth Paltrow (Pepper Potts) remained consistent and as a viewer you began to believe that he needed her more than she needed him. In the film we see Pepper Potts steer away from Tony Stark's shadow and become her own women, she gains a great deal of confidence and at one stage you see her save her man... twice! I think of Beyonce's 'Who runs the world' anthem when i say this.

I don't want to give to much away as this is not a film review it's just my thoughts on the film. I gave this film 4/5 as the story was told with substance, the film contained a lot of humor and kept true to the Marvel technique of story telling... and of course jam packed with a lot of action!

I defiantly recommend you watch!  


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