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25 April 2013

I am not going to write, "First Blog Post... blah blah blah", because that bores me and to be honest even though is my first blog post for 'Virgos and Kisses' i have created many blogs over the years for various projects so technically this is NOT my first!

First things first there is no need to describe myself as there is no point, if you choose to follow this blog whoever you are in the internet-sphere then you will gradually see who i am and what i enjoy doing. This blog will be dedicated to my lifestyle and what i like, don't like and just general issues and topics that interest me. You do not have to like it but hey its MY blog so deal with it! No that was harsh... forgive me.

So on to the interesting stuff! Picking the name for my blog. It wasn't an easy task but we got there in the end. Virgos and Kisses pretty much describes me and what i like in two words... to be very honest there are probably a few more i would add but i am a proud Virgo and i like Kisses... the chocolate...

I wouldn't say i am an expert on blog names far from it but i do have a few pointers when trying to find the perfect name for your blog.

  1. What is your blog about? For example, if your blog is a representation of YOU then choose something which describes you best but in a quirky nature. If you like sweets and shopping, pick your favorite sweet (marshmallows) and favorite item of clothing you bought recently (maxi dress) and combine the two! Marshmallows and Maxi's... you get the drift. 
  2. Fashion blogs are amazing and i enjoy reading them, but when your blog has the name 'Fashion' in it, it can sometimes come across very broad and usually never tells us anything about the blogger, so widen your horizon. What made you want to start a fashion blog? What areas of fashion do you enjoy blogging about? Think about it....
  3. What really irks me about blogs names is that a lot of people aren't adventurous anymore. I mean naming your blog what your actual name is, is kind bore and to be honest all you are telling me is that this is your blog, it lacks personality and doesn't tell me anything about you. Come on! get crazy, think outside the box, don't be a bore bag! I love crazy blog names and to be honest that is what attracts me to someones blog... the crazy names!
  4. Final food for thought... Try not to think to over-think. Its only a bloody blog name! 


Perfect Combo!

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