InLOVEwithfashion Giveaway #1

29 May 2013

First ever give away!!

Full details on dress here.

So remember when i discovered this brand online called Read here if not. I ordered one of the gorgeous tie dye wrap dresses from the website however it didn't fit! URGH and i left it too long to exchange/refund so i thought why not give it away via Virgos and Kisses and gain some new followers at the same time.

To receive this dress all you have to do is two things. Nominate me for the Next Newcomer award part of the Cosmo blog awards and follow me on BlogLovin'. Once done post a comment on this post with your name and email and i will choose the winner at random by Wednesday 5th June 2013.


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NOTE: The dress is a size M/L which fits a UK 12. It states on the website it fits a UK size 10/12, i am a 10 and it is quite baggy but if that's what you like go for it!

Thanks x

Amor Magazine Launch

27 May 2013

Saturday i had the pleasure of being invited to the official Amor Magazine Launch. I decided to drag along my fabulous friend Tarell.
Although arriving quite late we were greeted by a bunch of friendly girls who worked for the magazine. They gave us a free Amor goodie bag and showed us where to get free complimentary drinks.

Amor is a lifestyle magazine centred around fashion, music and up coming talent. They release a print version every season however you can gain access to their online version which they update frequently.
Ruby Mae Moore, the editor and chief of Amor Magazine is a true inspiration to young women, especially women with a vision whether it be small or big. Ruby explained that Amor was simply an idea. From a girl that literally didn't have a clue about making a magazine, publishing, photo shoots and content. All she wanted to do was create something in a magazine form which inspired women and her peers. With only a month to spare, long nights, tears and hard work, September 2010 the first issue of Amor was born. Three years later Amor is still going strong with an amazing team which is constantly expanding, Ruby defiantly has something good on her hands.
Ruby's vision was to see Amor in print and if you work or know the media print industry then you will know this is not cheap! Most up and coming magazines begin online and rarely go into print until advertisers start investing their campaigns into the magazine. Also overheads are extremely lower with online magazines. However having a hardcopy magazine is worth so much more. Ruby explained that she invested her own wages into Amor, having to compromise her love for handbags and shoes, which not all girls can relate to! I personally can commend her so much for for-fitting her hard earned money into only just a vision. This is a true testament to the saying "never give up".
What is great about Amor is that it creates a platform for budding journalists, fashion stylists, photographers and writers who want to expand their portfolio and gain some print experience. What is even better is that these opportunities are available to anyone even more so people who can not afford to pay for a degree, or live in less fortunate areas but want to be able to write and get the magazine experience they need to be able to work in the industry. So if you are a journalist, writer, fashion writer email Ruby for intern opportunities at

The launch in itself was a huge success and i was honoured to be invited. One of the best performances of the night was from an essex born singer that goes by the name of Beverley Ely. Her latest song 'What Im Tryna Say' is now available to download here, which i absolutely love! With her Essex charm and R&B esk this girl is defiantly one to look out for.

Myself and Tarell done some little mingling after and managed to meet some amazing writers and bloggers one girl that i spoke to who is a new blogger like myself called Thema Pieters is a beautiful fashion blogger, you can check out her blog here. I also managed to catch up with Mia from NuFlexMag who i met earlier this year at the ODF fashion showcase. NuFlexMag is an based around urban, fashion music, talent and up coming news. She was telling me about the progression of NuFlex and that they are also launching this year so they are one to look out for.

Make sure you guys check out Amor online at and look out for issue 15 the summer edition!

Ruby Mae Moore editor and chief of Amor Magazine along side
Susana Giner from Youth Media Agency 
R&B Singer Beverly Ely
Me and Ruby Mae Moore
Please don't forget to vote for me for the 'Next Newcomer blog award' part of the cosmopolitain blog awards. Vote here

Thanks x

Cosmoplitan Blog Awards 2013

24 May 2013

Hi All!

I know i have only been blogging for 3 months but i have entered the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards for "Best Newcomer"! associated with next.Would love your nomination!

To vote simply click on the Cosmopolitan Blog Award sign on the right hand side of my blog and it will take you to the nominated page all you have to do is scroll down and where is says

"Has the blog you're nominating been around for less than a year? Well then make sure you click here and head over to NEXT's site to vote for ‘Next Newcomer Blog Award".

click, type in my blog URL which is and wham bam thank you mam!

Would really appreciate it!

You can also click on the image below or on the "nominate me" button on the right hand side of the page. xxxxx

iWhore Johnny Cupcakes

T-Shirt: c/o iwhoretees
Shorts: Vintage Levi's - From spitalfields market
Belt - River Island
Trainers - Jordan 23s
Chain - Bricklane Market

I was actually meant to put this post out when i attended iLuvLive as this is what i wore, but i had been a tad lazy.

I love up coming brands and especially independent brands. Such as iWhore and Johnny Cupcakes. Which i am wearing above. The t-shirt is from iWhoretees an idependant UK brand esablished by these amazing women in south London. There inspiration for the t-shirts is focused around house music and simply bringing out the fun in you. IWhore there t-shirts! iwhore also have a sister company called Buttonmess which is customised apparel.
Johnny Cupcakes is a brand that i discovered last year when filming some vox pops in Carnaby street. They have a small little bakery inspired store in Carnaby street in central London and ever since i have been in there i love all there stuff! What is also good about Johnny Cupcakes is that he sells exclusively on the website and in there stores. They make everything once and once they are sold out they do not bring it back. Hence why this jacket is quite big as it was the last one!

*Photos taken by Kara Campbell

Fast and Furious 6

23 May 2013

Can i just say since watching Fast and Furious 6 i am now on a mission to become a street car racer. I honestly want to know the following. 1. Does London have street car races? 2. If the answer to my first question is yes then how do i find out? (i have googled so do not suggest this) and 3. How can i get a kick ass car like Han's or Letty's?

On to the actual film now. Watched it... Loved it. I really can not say anymore on the matter, but i shall elaborate because i do think this is a film worth seeing and i have to say it is currently up there in my list of top 2013 movies. If you haven't seen 1-5 do not panic, as throughout the film you begin to understand the history. Although as a massive Fast and Furious geek i suggest watching them as they only get better and better... and for some reason the men seem to get hotter and hotter...

Directed by Justin Lin who also directed Fast and Furious: Tokoyo Drift and Fast and Furious 4 and 5.
6 was based on a personal journey. If you had seen 5 then you would have known that Dominic Toretto's (played by Van Diesel) love interest Letty (played by Michelle Rodrigeuz) was still alive after 'allegedly' dying in 4. And that sets the story for 6 as Toretto is on a mission to find her and bring her back home, but his only way to do that is bring the bad guy down 'Owen Shaw' played by Luke Evans.

Fast and Furious never fails to empress us with the amazing locations and landmarks used in all the films and 6 was not a disappointment. A lot of filming had taken place in London (my hometown) and i loved how they managed to capture the true essence of the city. They even featured London's very own Rita Ora who looked amaze! Somerset house which is home to London Fashion Week had been turned into a street car race event and i was extremely jel as i would of loved to of seen it! Other countries featured in the film were, Spain - Canary Islands, LA and UK- Glasglow. Another interesting fact is that Fast and Furious 6 was the third production to be able to film in Piccadilly Circus, London... now i wonder how much they had to pay to get that!

In conclusion Fast and Furious contained all elements that make a successful action film. Cars, Guns, Buildings blowing up, Comedy and off course the very hot and sexy Paul Walker. Oh and one more thing if you do go to watch it, stay till the very end (after the first credits) a very exciting surprise...

*All Images have been sourced from google

Out on a School Night?... iLuvLive

21 May 2013

Since leaving University i haven't been out on a "School Night", unless it was a networking event or i was required to go. However yesterday night was just because...

Me and a few friends attended the iLuvLive live music showcase at XOYO in Shoreditch hosted by Ras Kwame. iLuvLive puts on live music events every month on a Monday so i never get to attended as i work during the week. But this week i was like 'what the hell!' Our director, Ryan Samuda from RBOB works for the event so he invited us along and a pleasure it was!

This was my first time attending the event, and as i have heard loads of good things about it i was pretty excited. I have to admit i have never heard of any of the artists on the night so going in with an open mind was all i could do. 

It started at 7.30 but we got to the venue a little past 9. Luckily we was in time for the first act. TE a rapper from West London he was also accompanied by a female vocalist by the name of Tizzy who was absolutely  astounding. She had such a soulful voice which i loved. I wish i could have heard more from her as she was only featuring in two of the songs he performed. TE was also surprising good, his swag spoke more for him when he appeared on stage but he had the stage charisma and pulled it out the bag. I was impressed. Even had a song for the ladies, which i can't remember the name but was my fav from him.

The second act of the night was an acoustic set by a girl called Frances Wood, who appeared in the Voice last year but was eliminated from Will.I.Am's group. She sang some of her own material as well as an Amy Winehouse song... which she killed! (in a good way). Why she has not been signed already is beyond me as she has the talent and the stage presence to match. Frances mentioned she likes to draw inspiration from artists she likes and i can defiantly see a mini Amy Winehouse in the making... minus the drugs.

After the slow paced songs the third artist by the name of J-Sol came on, with his own band all wearing J-Sol t shirts i was for sure thinking this was a joke. But i was wrong. Full of R&B soul and a voice any women would fall weak at the knees for, J-Sol had the crowd going crazy. He had an upbeat tempo and dancing around the stage full of energy i can officially crown him the next Usher.

We was back to a slower tempo on the forth artist. The winner of the Open Mic Competition which they held at the last iLuvLove was a female singer by the name of Chi Chi. Very deep music with a smooth/light voice, reminded me a bit of Lauren Hill.

And then we was back at up tempo again with an rapper that goes by the name of Colours Miyagi (think of Karate Kid when you pronounce Miyagi). He came on stage with who i can only assume was his hype man and got the crowd hyped. I am not a huge fan of gangster rap, however Colours had something in his music that i quite enjoyed, a nice surprise i can honestly say.

My favorite artist of the night with out a doubt had to be the one of most talented singers i have heard in a long time from established to non-established. Leanne Robinson. As i write this post i am downloading her free EP 'Leanne Robinson Exhibit A' . I felt a personal connection when she sang 'Taking it Back', as it relates to a situation i was in not so long ago. I honestly can not get enough of this girl. Her voice speaks so much volumes for such a small person and why she has not become the next Beyonce i have no idea but i am in love with her and her music. Seriously check this girl out! .

We decided to call it a night after hearing Leanne as i had work in the morning. Besides i felt like i was 'breaking bad' being out on a school night!

For it being my first time attending iLuvLive i have to say i would happily stumble into work tired like i did today to attend another!

Follow iLuvLive here and here for all the latest updates on upcoming events.

All photos have been taken by me and owned by me. If you wish you use or reproduce please seek permission. 

Filming Frolics

I am terribly lucky to be able to love what I do for a living. However I am extremely lucky to be surrounded by talented and creative peers. One of my dear and closest friends Donica Campbell is an aspiring and talented actress. We both graduated at the same time last year, (from different universities). Since graduating I have been extremely lucky into landing a job which I love and she has been lucky to be able to expand her acting showreel and she even got to work for Coke through the 2012 Olympics!
However as an actress with minimal film and tv credits it quite hard to get a good role in a good production, espcially in the UK as our film and TV industry is very small. 
So after a lot of thought Donica and her two friends, who are also actresses, Shamara Roper and Aedenya Knight decided to write their own material and get it made. And that was the birth of the reality parody "Real Baby Mothers of Brixton". Based on real events but fictional characters the reality show is not only full of drama but extremely entertaining and funny.
So i was honoured to be asked to produce the show for the girls and this weekend was our first shoot.

Check out the pics from the 2nd day of shooting.

Cion was our 'Clapper' for the day

My talented friend Donica

Our Director/DOP Ryan Samuda and Jonathan doing sound 

In action...

Sexy Elisha who plays 'Chanel' pretending to be our sound
Real Baby Mothers of Brixton will be released to YouTube in the next month or so.

Directed by Ryan Samuda Follow on Twitter here
Produced by Michelle Hung (ME)
Written and Produced by Donica Campbell (twitter) Shamara Roper (twitter) and Aedenya Knight (twitter)

The best things in life are £1.50

16 May 2013

Seriously... the best things in life are £1.50. Well most things. I can not be asked to provide a list as that would require research but just trust me on this.

Anyhoo, last Sunday i sold at a car boot sale in Pimlico, which i mentioned in my blog here. My intention was to go and sell my unwanted things, but i do love to snoop at other peoples stalls. From previous experience i always manage to pick up some good things for cheap. Like they say one mans trash is another mans treasure. So snooping through someones trash i found this aaaammmaazinnng cardigan hidden under a pile of random clothes. I love it and haven't taken it off since. (yes i have washed it).

Cardigan - Car bootsale
Top - Old H&M
Jeans - Old Topshop
Socks - Topshop
Shoes - Creepers: Office

Photos taken by Kara Campbell

Car booty booty booty...

14 May 2013

I decided to take my boys to help out at the car boot sale on Sunday. Cion, my son and my god son, Dennae. Biggest mistake of my life! Thinking two boisterous 9 year olds would be able to function in a working environment is like hoping to win the euro millions on a Friday night.... Slim to none. And trust me I have played the euro millions a few times hoping that I would win. Yes today was quite like that.
I could be over exaggerating with how boisterous they were but they did get up my skin. 

It was smooth sailing from the time we arrived till 1pm but they started running around the place, exploring other people's stores, etc you know the normal things you do at that age when your parents give you a little bit of freedom in an unknown environment. 

They wasn't all bad though, they did yet there hardest to sell stuff, even walking up to random bargain hunters trying to offer them a bargain! (i thought them well). However they ended up breaking my table and I had to resort to selling my things on the floor! Ahhh the life of a car boot seller...

I did manage to sell a few things, most of the items i sold were Tarells as his clothes are fab, but having extra pennies in my pocket was a bonus. I also managed to get a few things for my self. A long vintage cardigan for £1.50 and a brita water jug for £4... seriously. I didn't take any pictures of my new cardi but i may do a post on it in the near future....

May Wishlist

13 May 2013

My very first Wishlist for Virgos and Kisses...!

As i lay in my sick bed looking through countless shopping sites wishing i could buy everything i love, i thought i may as well do a wishlist for this month.
So here it is!

  1. The 'City Slicker' Faux Leather backpack from As i mentioned in my previous blog post here i am addicted to reality shows. And a few months back i came across a new reality show starring Kimora Lee Simmons (ex wife of Russell Simmons) called 'House of Fab'. Its a reality show about Kimora's new business venture about becoming the president and creative director of the online shoe and handbag store So anyway when i saw that they were retailing over here i was excited. I have already purchased two pairs of shoes from the website however i haven't worn them yet and this bag is next on my list! Cost: £35 if you become a member (which is free) or £59.99. You can purchase the bag here.
  2. Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Lens. As i am becoming more and more interested in photography i feel that it is necessary to be equipped with the right armor. A work colleague suggested i get this lens as it is really good for portrait photography. I have been meaning to purchase this lens some time ago but i always have an excuse, so this end of the month it is one of the first things on my agenda! You can get this lens from Amazon. Prices starting from £81.79. 
  3. Studded Sandals from Zara. Zara has been one of my favourite shops for shoes recently. They do amazing high end looking shoes for less and the quality is amazing. These bad boys retails at £59.99. You can purchase them here
  4. MOTO clean denim pini dress from Topshop. Dungarees are the trend this season, so that means dust off your old dungarees as i know we all have a pair somewhere and get them out! I love the dungarees trend because it is boisterous. I has a masculine, comfortable feel yet fashionable. Which is why i love this dungarees dress. Perfect for spring/summer. Retailing at £36 you can purchase here


12 May 2013

I'm am guilty of overloading on costume jewellery but stuffing it into a box then returning to see that my jewelry has either broken or tied up amongst the other jewelry. This is simply because I have nowhere sufficient to store my costume jewellery.

But that all changed this weekend...

We had a bought a mannequin to showcase our stock when selling at pop up stalls and events with MKD Rocks. But of recent the company is no longer so I had this mannequin in my mums house just there collecting dust. At first I was going to sell it at the car boot sale however when I brought it back home it didn't look bad in my bedroom. So I started putting my necklaces on it, then started to go through my over packed jewellery box and adding my drop-earrings... And wallah this is what I achieved! 

Pretty happy about my DIY experience.      

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