Amor Magazine Launch

27 May 2013

Saturday i had the pleasure of being invited to the official Amor Magazine Launch. I decided to drag along my fabulous friend Tarell.
Although arriving quite late we were greeted by a bunch of friendly girls who worked for the magazine. They gave us a free Amor goodie bag and showed us where to get free complimentary drinks.

Amor is a lifestyle magazine centred around fashion, music and up coming talent. They release a print version every season however you can gain access to their online version which they update frequently.
Ruby Mae Moore, the editor and chief of Amor Magazine is a true inspiration to young women, especially women with a vision whether it be small or big. Ruby explained that Amor was simply an idea. From a girl that literally didn't have a clue about making a magazine, publishing, photo shoots and content. All she wanted to do was create something in a magazine form which inspired women and her peers. With only a month to spare, long nights, tears and hard work, September 2010 the first issue of Amor was born. Three years later Amor is still going strong with an amazing team which is constantly expanding, Ruby defiantly has something good on her hands.
Ruby's vision was to see Amor in print and if you work or know the media print industry then you will know this is not cheap! Most up and coming magazines begin online and rarely go into print until advertisers start investing their campaigns into the magazine. Also overheads are extremely lower with online magazines. However having a hardcopy magazine is worth so much more. Ruby explained that she invested her own wages into Amor, having to compromise her love for handbags and shoes, which not all girls can relate to! I personally can commend her so much for for-fitting her hard earned money into only just a vision. This is a true testament to the saying "never give up".
What is great about Amor is that it creates a platform for budding journalists, fashion stylists, photographers and writers who want to expand their portfolio and gain some print experience. What is even better is that these opportunities are available to anyone even more so people who can not afford to pay for a degree, or live in less fortunate areas but want to be able to write and get the magazine experience they need to be able to work in the industry. So if you are a journalist, writer, fashion writer email Ruby for intern opportunities at

The launch in itself was a huge success and i was honoured to be invited. One of the best performances of the night was from an essex born singer that goes by the name of Beverley Ely. Her latest song 'What Im Tryna Say' is now available to download here, which i absolutely love! With her Essex charm and R&B esk this girl is defiantly one to look out for.

Myself and Tarell done some little mingling after and managed to meet some amazing writers and bloggers one girl that i spoke to who is a new blogger like myself called Thema Pieters is a beautiful fashion blogger, you can check out her blog here. I also managed to catch up with Mia from NuFlexMag who i met earlier this year at the ODF fashion showcase. NuFlexMag is an based around urban, fashion music, talent and up coming news. She was telling me about the progression of NuFlex and that they are also launching this year so they are one to look out for.

Make sure you guys check out Amor online at and look out for issue 15 the summer edition!

Ruby Mae Moore editor and chief of Amor Magazine along side
Susana Giner from Youth Media Agency 
R&B Singer Beverly Ely
Me and Ruby Mae Moore
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