Bank Holidays!

6 May 2013

Oh how i love bank holidays. Extended weekends, extra sleep, extra nights out in the week... extra everything! Whoever made up bank holidays was a genius!

This bank holiday consisted of a lot of wine and girlie catch ups, fun in the sun with kids and birthday celebrations and loads of laughter. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time and i reckon it is because i have missed out on girlie time with my friends as i have been extremely busy. So thanks to the bank hols we all got to have a good old catch up.

This was run down of my extended weekend...

Attended Lovedough at Proud Camden with a friend. Got to see an amazing british Hip-Hop rapper called Cashtastic for the first time... loved his music!

Relaxed and slept off my hangover. It was my big brother's 30th birthday on Friday but he lives up north so he came down on Saturday. His dad had arranged a party so we attended that... lots of rum punch and food... my kinda party!

Cooked sunday dinner for all my friends and chilled out with my son, my two god children and all my girls at my house. It was also my one of my closest friends 25th birthday and she had arranged to do something in the evening but she changed her plans so we decided to stay in and drink, gossip smoke shisha and drink some more! My kind of night!

Was supposed to be one of the hottest days of the year so far but it didn't feel like it. It was very warm but the sun wasn't out half of the time and the plan was to go to our local park and sunbathe... didn't happen. Instead we went to a really nice Weatherspoons pub called 'Fox on the Hill' in Camberwell, South London to eat and drink. Food was amazing and so was the company. :)

So back to work tomorrow.... Hope you all enjoyed your bank holiday!

Sorry for the photo heavy post just wanted to get everything in!

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