Car booty booty booty...

14 May 2013

I decided to take my boys to help out at the car boot sale on Sunday. Cion, my son and my god son, Dennae. Biggest mistake of my life! Thinking two boisterous 9 year olds would be able to function in a working environment is like hoping to win the euro millions on a Friday night.... Slim to none. And trust me I have played the euro millions a few times hoping that I would win. Yes today was quite like that.
I could be over exaggerating with how boisterous they were but they did get up my skin. 

It was smooth sailing from the time we arrived till 1pm but they started running around the place, exploring other people's stores, etc you know the normal things you do at that age when your parents give you a little bit of freedom in an unknown environment. 

They wasn't all bad though, they did yet there hardest to sell stuff, even walking up to random bargain hunters trying to offer them a bargain! (i thought them well). However they ended up breaking my table and I had to resort to selling my things on the floor! Ahhh the life of a car boot seller...

I did manage to sell a few things, most of the items i sold were Tarells as his clothes are fab, but having extra pennies in my pocket was a bonus. I also managed to get a few things for my self. A long vintage cardigan for £1.50 and a brita water jug for £4... seriously. I didn't take any pictures of my new cardi but i may do a post on it in the near future....

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