8 May 2013

I have recently signed up to Chictopia, a fashion based social networking site which allows fashion lovers to upload pictures of recent trends and personal styles on to their profile (which they call a blog). While doing this people who are have a Chictopia account can, like, comment, follow and vote for your look which enables you to get chic points and with these chic points you can get rewards such as clothes etc. and you can even send chic points to your friends. Once you get certain amount of chic points and votes you get awarded a 'Style Council' or 'Style Icon'. I mean its something right?
What is also great about Chictopia is that you can also sell your fashionable items on there as well, although you have pay... boo...

You can upload pictures of yourself or of styles which you like. Looking at other people's profile they usually upload pictures of themselves and of their personal style. I don't actually have the time nor the endless array of outfits to do continuous postings, plus i am a 'wear more than once' kind of girl so i will more than likely be posting outfit posts one in a while. Although it is fun to look at all the fashion madness on the site.

So this was my first outfit post which was from a while ago when i attended London Fashion Week in February. It was the only full body pictures i had on my phone!

If you have a Chictopia account follow meeeee!

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