Fast and Furious 6

23 May 2013

Can i just say since watching Fast and Furious 6 i am now on a mission to become a street car racer. I honestly want to know the following. 1. Does London have street car races? 2. If the answer to my first question is yes then how do i find out? (i have googled so do not suggest this) and 3. How can i get a kick ass car like Han's or Letty's?

On to the actual film now. Watched it... Loved it. I really can not say anymore on the matter, but i shall elaborate because i do think this is a film worth seeing and i have to say it is currently up there in my list of top 2013 movies. If you haven't seen 1-5 do not panic, as throughout the film you begin to understand the history. Although as a massive Fast and Furious geek i suggest watching them as they only get better and better... and for some reason the men seem to get hotter and hotter...

Directed by Justin Lin who also directed Fast and Furious: Tokoyo Drift and Fast and Furious 4 and 5.
6 was based on a personal journey. If you had seen 5 then you would have known that Dominic Toretto's (played by Van Diesel) love interest Letty (played by Michelle Rodrigeuz) was still alive after 'allegedly' dying in 4. And that sets the story for 6 as Toretto is on a mission to find her and bring her back home, but his only way to do that is bring the bad guy down 'Owen Shaw' played by Luke Evans.

Fast and Furious never fails to empress us with the amazing locations and landmarks used in all the films and 6 was not a disappointment. A lot of filming had taken place in London (my hometown) and i loved how they managed to capture the true essence of the city. They even featured London's very own Rita Ora who looked amaze! Somerset house which is home to London Fashion Week had been turned into a street car race event and i was extremely jel as i would of loved to of seen it! Other countries featured in the film were, Spain - Canary Islands, LA and UK- Glasglow. Another interesting fact is that Fast and Furious 6 was the third production to be able to film in Piccadilly Circus, London... now i wonder how much they had to pay to get that!

In conclusion Fast and Furious contained all elements that make a successful action film. Cars, Guns, Buildings blowing up, Comedy and off course the very hot and sexy Paul Walker. Oh and one more thing if you do go to watch it, stay till the very end (after the first credits) a very exciting surprise...

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