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21 May 2013

I am terribly lucky to be able to love what I do for a living. However I am extremely lucky to be surrounded by talented and creative peers. One of my dear and closest friends Donica Campbell is an aspiring and talented actress. We both graduated at the same time last year, (from different universities). Since graduating I have been extremely lucky into landing a job which I love and she has been lucky to be able to expand her acting showreel and she even got to work for Coke through the 2012 Olympics!
However as an actress with minimal film and tv credits it quite hard to get a good role in a good production, espcially in the UK as our film and TV industry is very small. 
So after a lot of thought Donica and her two friends, who are also actresses, Shamara Roper and Aedenya Knight decided to write their own material and get it made. And that was the birth of the reality parody "Real Baby Mothers of Brixton". Based on real events but fictional characters the reality show is not only full of drama but extremely entertaining and funny.
So i was honoured to be asked to produce the show for the girls and this weekend was our first shoot.

Check out the pics from the 2nd day of shooting.

Cion was our 'Clapper' for the day

My talented friend Donica

Our Director/DOP Ryan Samuda and Jonathan doing sound 

In action...

Sexy Elisha who plays 'Chanel' pretending to be our sound
Real Baby Mothers of Brixton will be released to YouTube in the next month or so.

Directed by Ryan Samuda Follow on Twitter here
Produced by Michelle Hung (ME)
Written and Produced by Donica Campbell (twitter) Shamara Roper (twitter) and Aedenya Knight (twitter)

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