12 May 2013

I'm am guilty of overloading on costume jewellery but stuffing it into a box then returning to see that my jewelry has either broken or tied up amongst the other jewelry. This is simply because I have nowhere sufficient to store my costume jewellery.

But that all changed this weekend...

We had a bought a mannequin to showcase our stock when selling at pop up stalls and events with MKD Rocks. But of recent the company is no longer so I had this mannequin in my mums house just there collecting dust. At first I was going to sell it at the car boot sale however when I brought it back home it didn't look bad in my bedroom. So I started putting my necklaces on it, then started to go through my over packed jewellery box and adding my drop-earrings... And wallah this is what I achieved! 

Pretty happy about my DIY experience.      

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