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12 May 2013

When my friend Tarell suggested that i sell his unwanted things at the Car Boot sale tomorrow i knew i would want half of the stuff he was willing to sell. Tarell is my uber fashion forward gay friend. Only of recent his love for fashion has faded and his love for cooking has excelled. I could go on about how fabulous his wardrobe was before he packed in his fashion career or how he can sew a couture gown in 2 hours but i won't... What i will say is that he can cook a mean meal! So i thought why not take advantage of rumbling through his closet while getting him to cook myself and Cion (my son) a nice meal... a two for one aint bad at all!

The finished product. Oven chicken, white rice and steamed veg with homemade coslaw :)

I had to take a picture of this hideous jacket! Tarell mentioned that he bought it at the time when it was all over Grazia magazine as it was hot then... NO... Grazia is not always right boo.

I am now the lucky owner of this amazing guiter. Not really sure what i am going to do with it but will add it to my home decor!

If you wanna pop down and say hi at the Car Boot sale or even buy a thing or two the details are here.

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