Lovedough you surprised me!

4 May 2013

This week had been one of busiest weeks of this year! Work wise... so Friday couldn't have come any quicker as one of favourite Hip-Hop artist J Cole was going to be at Proud Camden hosting Lovedough. Excited much!

It was getting on to 4pm at work and still busy i decided to take a look at what time to get to venue, but lo and behold he had cancelled! This is what Proud Camden had put on the website.

"Unfortunately, we can confirm that J Cole will not be here at Proud Camden on Friday 3rd May. We will of course be looking to reschedule it as soon as possible.

J Cole was scheduled to be in the UK for 3 days promo from 1st- 4th May 2013. His flight was stopping over in the UK, after a tour of Australia. He was scheduled to play 4 dates at one of Australia's biggest urban music festivals, Superfest. This has now been cancelled and this has caused huge disruptions to our plans, as the label have decided to put back his trip to the UK."

This could have potentially ruined my night because all week i was gearing myself up to hear songs such as the recent 'Power Trip' which i play constantly on my way to work, 'Lights Please', 'In the Morning' and 'Blow Up'. Never the less i decided to still go as my friend had bought tickets and i didn't want it to be a waste....

Arrived at Proud and i have to say the atmosphere wasn't that bad. They had a performers stage and the 'lovedough' sign hanging, a good set up and the DJ wasn't at all bad. So i gave the night the benefit of the doubt. My friend told me that a few artists from London was performing. I wouldn't say i was excited but i was optimistic about what i was about to hear. 
The first artist i heard was a guy called 'Yungen', wasn't my cup of tea but the guess the kids would like him. BUT... after an artist called 'Cashtastic' came up, and seriously i fell in love (with his music not him). I am not a fan of UK Rap/Hip-Hop. I say leave it to the americans they do it best, but this guy had a stage presence, his lyrics was on point and he had the potential that i see in J Cole. I refer back to J Cole because when i first heard J Cole he was opening up for Drake in Birmingham and i had no clue who this guy was, but when i first heard him live i loved him and have been a fan ever since, and this is the same way i feel about Cashtastic. 

So got home and done my research. Verified on Twitter! Over 1500 likes on facebook! Over 1million views on YouTube...Signed to universal.... erm why the HELL have i not heard of this guy! Seriously!  

Check out one of favs from him 'One Day'.

But don't let me tell you how good this guy is check out him below and see for your self! 


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