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21 May 2013

Since leaving University i haven't been out on a "School Night", unless it was a networking event or i was required to go. However yesterday night was just because...

Me and a few friends attended the iLuvLive live music showcase at XOYO in Shoreditch hosted by Ras Kwame. iLuvLive puts on live music events every month on a Monday so i never get to attended as i work during the week. But this week i was like 'what the hell!' Our director, Ryan Samuda from RBOB works for the event so he invited us along and a pleasure it was!

This was my first time attending the event, and as i have heard loads of good things about it i was pretty excited. I have to admit i have never heard of any of the artists on the night so going in with an open mind was all i could do. 

It started at 7.30 but we got to the venue a little past 9. Luckily we was in time for the first act. TE a rapper from West London he was also accompanied by a female vocalist by the name of Tizzy who was absolutely  astounding. She had such a soulful voice which i loved. I wish i could have heard more from her as she was only featuring in two of the songs he performed. TE was also surprising good, his swag spoke more for him when he appeared on stage but he had the stage charisma and pulled it out the bag. I was impressed. Even had a song for the ladies, which i can't remember the name but was my fav from him.

The second act of the night was an acoustic set by a girl called Frances Wood, who appeared in the Voice last year but was eliminated from Will.I.Am's group. She sang some of her own material as well as an Amy Winehouse song... which she killed! (in a good way). Why she has not been signed already is beyond me as she has the talent and the stage presence to match. Frances mentioned she likes to draw inspiration from artists she likes and i can defiantly see a mini Amy Winehouse in the making... minus the drugs.

After the slow paced songs the third artist by the name of J-Sol came on, with his own band all wearing J-Sol t shirts i was for sure thinking this was a joke. But i was wrong. Full of R&B soul and a voice any women would fall weak at the knees for, J-Sol had the crowd going crazy. He had an upbeat tempo and dancing around the stage full of energy i can officially crown him the next Usher.

We was back to a slower tempo on the forth artist. The winner of the Open Mic Competition which they held at the last iLuvLove was a female singer by the name of Chi Chi. Very deep music with a smooth/light voice, reminded me a bit of Lauren Hill.

And then we was back at up tempo again with an rapper that goes by the name of Colours Miyagi (think of Karate Kid when you pronounce Miyagi). He came on stage with who i can only assume was his hype man and got the crowd hyped. I am not a huge fan of gangster rap, however Colours had something in his music that i quite enjoyed, a nice surprise i can honestly say.

My favorite artist of the night with out a doubt had to be the one of most talented singers i have heard in a long time from established to non-established. Leanne Robinson. As i write this post i am downloading her free EP 'Leanne Robinson Exhibit A' . I felt a personal connection when she sang 'Taking it Back', as it relates to a situation i was in not so long ago. I honestly can not get enough of this girl. Her voice speaks so much volumes for such a small person and why she has not become the next Beyonce i have no idea but i am in love with her and her music. Seriously check this girl out! .

We decided to call it a night after hearing Leanne as i had work in the morning. Besides i felt like i was 'breaking bad' being out on a school night!

For it being my first time attending iLuvLive i have to say i would happily stumble into work tired like i did today to attend another!

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All photos have been taken by me and owned by me. If you wish you use or reproduce please seek permission. 

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