Paul and Jessica

1 May 2013

We are filming some reconstructions for the LLB students at the University of Law called "Paul and Jessica". In short we are filming educational media so the students can use it as part of their course while studying. The media will be shown in the class rooms, university intranet and all that jazz.

We had the pleasure of filming at Gigalum, a nice bar/restaurant in clapham common. Really nice bar with outdoor seating so for the up coming sunny days you can enjoy a class of pimms with your favorite gal pals or in my case porn star Martinis! We then moved on to filming the remainder at my flat which was interesting.

I love filming on location because we get to experience a different atmosphere and you never know what can happen. Plus it gives me a chance to leave the office and get out in the sun for the day... Not that I was doing that... Wink wink

Forgive me for the poor quality of images i took them on my iphone 5. :(

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