Reality TV overload!

8 May 2013

Yes i admit it, i am one of those reality TV addicts. It probably doesn't say much about me but i love a bit of drama and gossip... especially when it is dramatized and exaggerated!

These are my top 5 Reality TV shows...

1. Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

I am HOT for this show! I swear i get excited every week when it comes on. The original Love and Hip Hop which is based in New York City has nothing on the Atlanta version. The characters are RACHET to the core which is why i love it! Joceyn is my fav fav fav! Absolutely love her, want her to be my friend... From the first season there was a love triangle between Mimi, Stevi J and Joceyn and it seems to be continued to on to season two. So that means i get to see more of Jocelyns crazy ass! Bring on the cray cray...

2. The Real Housewives of Atlanta

This show has recently finished so i am quite sad about that. Season 5 was probably (in my eyes) their best season to date. If i could become anyone in this world it would be Beyonce FIRST then Nene Leaks (second to left above)! She is the ultimate bitch and The Real Housewives of Atlanta would be nothing without her. Although she has out grown her peach and moved on to Hollywood i don't want her to leave. In the words of Nene Leaks "I'm Rich Bitch!"

3. Braxton family Values

'We are the Braxton's and you'll see...' I sing as i write this. This show doesn't contain fighting and too much drama its just plain old family squabbles. I love how 'out-there' the family are and every time they break out into song randomly, they are so in-sync with each other it makes me wish i had more sisters.  The title says it all because although they argue among each other they have real family values and stick together which i love. Tamar is my fav from this show, with her off beat catch phrases like '' and 'you better check your life' she never lets me down in each episode. 

4. Basketball Wives Miami

Some of the above are not in the new up coming season which apparently will be back in August. Jennifer Williams, Royce Reed and Kesha Nichols have all been axed from season 5. Bothered? No, they was bore anyway. Apparently the new season contains less fights, drama and is more family orientated... i think this is because VH1 axed the Basketball Wives LA due to the fights so i can understand why they would want to change the Miami version. I am all for less fights and drama especially when women are involved but i do hope that some entertainment is involved as i don't just want to watch these women enjoying there lavish lifestyle and spending there days at expensive restaurants talking about stuff i simply don't care about. 

5. Bad Girls Club

Bad Girls is now on it's 10th season and i love it! So much drama, fights, sex, everything that is wrong with a show is Bad Girls Club. It's just one of those shows that you hate to watch but love it at the same time. This is my ultimate guilty pleasure! 

I wish i could have squeezed TOWIE in there somewhere but all the above over-ride it...

Look out for my top 5 TV shows...

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