Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition

3 May 2013

Yesterday i had the pleasure of attending the Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition at Somerset House. I went along with my work friend Amy and her friend Paul who are also budding photographers.

I have to say seeing all the established photography and different set ups it made me think differently on how i take pictures. As i mentioned here in my previous posts i enjoy fashion photography especially location shoots, but i now have a new love for journalist photography. I love the way they capture the moment and how intense they can make the picture look without having to say anything. They say a picture can tell a thousands words and some of the photos i saw defiantly portrayed this definition. There is something that inspires me about catching a picture in motion, so many components in one picture yet still keeping the frame on one particular thing or person.

These were my favorites...

Taken by Gilbert Yu from Hong Kong. called 'Fire Dragons of "Fung Shun"
Gilbert Yu was the Winner for the  Open Competition as part of Arts and Culture... and rightly so! I love all the bright colours and celebratory presence of the people. Make me feel rather happy!

Taken by Valerio Bispuri from Italy. A close up of a prisoner's eyes in one of the most violent prisons near Cararcas, Venezula.
This image is my first favorite. Valerio captured the prisoners intensity and sorrow in this picture. Makes me feel sorry him in a way. 

Taken by Danish Siddiqui from India. Called 'Inside Kabul's Screens'

Taken by Christian Aslund from Sweden called 'Jim Rickey'
When i first looked at this image i though 'this is really random' and the model in the picture looked awkward  Then i looked more and saw people in the ally way, that's when i realised that this picture was taken from birds eye! So cool and inventive and i love it!

The exhibition is still going on till 12th May, so if you enjoy photography especially cultured photography get yourself down to somerset house and enjoy... its not free though.. tickets are £7. Check it out here.

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