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25 June 2013

I am going to apologise in advance for the lack of posts as my job requires quite a lot of my time. However i am going to start to pre plan my blog post so that i can still maintain a healthy blogger!

Have a good week and and an even better weekend!

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First Day...

22 June 2013

I am writing this post from my sick bed... *cough, cough, vomit* I have been struck down with a bug which I caught from my son which he probably caught at school... And on my first week of my new job! Not exactly a great time to have the worst sickness known to man! 
On to the more pressing subject. This is what I wore for my first day of my new job... Which may I add I absolutely LOVE! (The job)
I got this amazing faux leather top from a new online website called The Frow. I have been looking for a nice leather top and saw misguided and a nice one here, but for £6.99 at The Frow I thought I would check it out. It's a great fit and very comfortable.
Top - The Frow
Disco Pants - Missguided
Shoes - Topshop  

My first day at work was pretty much amazing, working for a corporate production company for some time, I forgot how fast pased and demanding broadcast can be and I literary got thrown into everything on my first day. One of the many projects we are currently working on is a Barbie commercial for the sky/cable channel 'Nickelodeon'. I love Barbie so much! and my day pretty much consisted of playing with barbies and being a kid again! 


17 June 2013

A quickie post to show you how i am rocking my DIY Denim today....

Denim Jacket - Primark old. DIY
Top - h&m
Heart Jeans - Topshop - Carboot Sale
Platforms - Topshop


Denim DIY

16 June 2013

Really excited to share this post as it is my first DIY post!

As a newbie blogger i have religiously been surfing the social waves of the internet checking out blogs left, right and centre, purely for inspiration but i found looking at all these remarkable blogs makes me want to shop, shop, shop! As i am not prepared to keep buying the same things, when we all know that fashion reinvents itself around every two years i thought why not dabble in a bit of DIY and reinvent my old Primark denim jacket which i think i have had hanging in my cupboard for 4 years. 

I wish i had taken picture of my process but i was too busy gossiping with a my friend while sewing and stitching. *laughs*

This pretty little bit of DIY consisted of:
  • 1 old denim jacket
  • 2x packets of alphabet beads
  • 8x scissors trinkets
  • M and H iron on labels 
*This jacket originally had sleeves. (doh! on me for not taking a before pic!)

Toppers Lovin'

11 June 2013

I didn't want to make this announcement yet as i wanted to wait until i actually got settled in...but i recently got a new job! Yay!

Now don't get me wrong i loved my last job, it was my first job i got straight out of uni and i was extremely lucky to have landed this job especially one which i specialised in. Working in the media is fast paced, so switching up now and again is good. 

So on to the reason for this post. I officially left the Multi Media Unit (MMU) at the University of Law last Thursday and as a leaving present they got my an amazing card (which was handmade by my amazing colleague Amy) and TOPSHOP vouchers! BOOM! Now anyone that knows me knows i love clothes, TopShop is one of my fav high street stores only because they are reliable and pretty much predictable. Every girl needs a safe haven and Toppers is mine.
I headed up to Birmingham to visit my brother and his wife for a few days, so the BullRing shopping centre in good old Birmingham was my destination. 

Check out my amazing buys...

MOTO Mom High waisted Jeans £40
I have been looking high and low for a good pair of 'mom' jeans and toppers had the perfect pair. Their size are all over the place for me and i can never get the my original size in toppers as the waist maybe a lil small or the legs can be to tight, so in order to get the full 'mom' jean effect i opted for two sizes bigger. These are a size 14!

Circular Sunnies £16, 'M' Watch £16
I have been rocking my Ray Ban 'Clubmaster' sunnies for the longest so i was due a new pair of sunnies. These circular sunnies are all the range this season so why not be on trend. I wanted to get a new watch for my new job so this classic faux leather strapped watch is uber perfect.

Monochrome Strappy Heels £12
I couldn't resist popping into good old Primark. Purchased these amazing monochrome strappys. And for only £12 BARGAIN!

Cute ring bracelet for £1.50 


9 June 2013


RBOB: Introducing Jade

7 June 2013

It's nearly here peoples! The Real Baby Mothers of Brixton web series.

The girls filmed the green screen interviews yesterday, unfortunately i was unable to make it as my son had a football trial, but they sent me loads of pictures as you can see. 

Throughout the count down to the debut of Episode one i will uploading videos of the baby mothers. 

Check out Jade in action.

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My smiles

3 June 2013

I have been in a horrible rut of late, a lot to do with personal circumstances but whenever i am down i always have a vice and that is either my son, Cion or My Smiles which i call my close friends. This post is about My Smiles and why i think it is essential to have good ones in your life.

I call my friends 'my smiles' because I always have the best time with them and they always know how to cheer me up. I think it is so important to have a good handful of friends. Especially ones that you know inside out. My friends know when i need time out, or when i am in a mood (which is regularly) or even when i just want to vent. But they are not just for throughout the bad times, we share the best memories together and have the best conversations. 

Everyone has their definition of friend. I learnt some time ago not to use the word friend so freely as not everyone considers you a friend no matter the history you have with them. 

I asked my son and his team mate Eden what they think a good friend is and this is their list:
  • Not hurting your friend 
  • No blackmailing 
  • Be honest
  • Look after your property
  • Look after your friend from bad people 
  • Stand up for them
  • Sharing
  • Listen to them 

There is actually more to list but the boys starting talking about more specific situations and then talking about football.... 

My definition of a friend is endless, however if you make me smile, keep me grounded and always be honest with me even when you know it will hurt me, that is what I consider a friend.

These smiles are my smiles for that reason.

I hope you all are lucky enough to have amazing smiles like mine! x

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