Denim DIY

16 June 2013

Really excited to share this post as it is my first DIY post!

As a newbie blogger i have religiously been surfing the social waves of the internet checking out blogs left, right and centre, purely for inspiration but i found looking at all these remarkable blogs makes me want to shop, shop, shop! As i am not prepared to keep buying the same things, when we all know that fashion reinvents itself around every two years i thought why not dabble in a bit of DIY and reinvent my old Primark denim jacket which i think i have had hanging in my cupboard for 4 years. 

I wish i had taken picture of my process but i was too busy gossiping with a my friend while sewing and stitching. *laughs*

This pretty little bit of DIY consisted of:
  • 1 old denim jacket
  • 2x packets of alphabet beads
  • 8x scissors trinkets
  • M and H iron on labels 
*This jacket originally had sleeves. (doh! on me for not taking a before pic!)


  1. Wish I could do something like this! Picked up some tips though! Keep up the good work!!


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