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22 June 2013

I am writing this post from my sick bed... *cough, cough, vomit* I have been struck down with a bug which I caught from my son which he probably caught at school... And on my first week of my new job! Not exactly a great time to have the worst sickness known to man! 
On to the more pressing subject. This is what I wore for my first day of my new job... Which may I add I absolutely LOVE! (The job)
I got this amazing faux leather top from a new online website called The Frow. I have been looking for a nice leather top and saw misguided and a nice one here, but for £6.99 at The Frow I thought I would check it out. It's a great fit and very comfortable.
Top - The Frow
Disco Pants - Missguided
Shoes - Topshop  

My first day at work was pretty much amazing, working for a corporate production company for some time, I forgot how fast pased and demanding broadcast can be and I literary got thrown into everything on my first day. One of the many projects we are currently working on is a Barbie commercial for the sky/cable channel 'Nickelodeon'. I love Barbie so much! and my day pretty much consisted of playing with barbies and being a kid again! 


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    1. Thank you Clemence, hopefully im better after a few sleeps x

  2. you look so awesome in those disco pants! <3

    Check out my new post featuring SUCK IS FREE label launch in Sydney! :)

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)! I love your top!! Followed you back on bloglovin :) x

  4. love the disco pants! hope u feel better soon xx

  5. You know to be so elegant and chic, loving this look!

    Would you like follow each other? I’ll be sooo glad =) Let me know =)

  6. Returning the favour babe! following you on bloglovin' xoxox

  7. Thanks honey for your comment, I follow you right now I hope you follow me back! :)

    I'm waitting for you

    Happy Monday!

    1. Hey now following on bloglovin' thanks for the follow x

  8. Love your outfit! Hope you feel better soon!xoxo

  9. Sounds like you have an amazing job! Very jealous!!! I'm still in love with disco pants even now you look great!!

    Thank you for commenting on my blog!! Xxx

  10. amazing blog!!! i love it ;)
    i would love to follow each other because I really love your blog!!
    kisses pretty


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