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3 June 2013

I have been in a horrible rut of late, a lot to do with personal circumstances but whenever i am down i always have a vice and that is either my son, Cion or My Smiles which i call my close friends. This post is about My Smiles and why i think it is essential to have good ones in your life.

I call my friends 'my smiles' because I always have the best time with them and they always know how to cheer me up. I think it is so important to have a good handful of friends. Especially ones that you know inside out. My friends know when i need time out, or when i am in a mood (which is regularly) or even when i just want to vent. But they are not just for throughout the bad times, we share the best memories together and have the best conversations. 

Everyone has their definition of friend. I learnt some time ago not to use the word friend so freely as not everyone considers you a friend no matter the history you have with them. 

I asked my son and his team mate Eden what they think a good friend is and this is their list:
  • Not hurting your friend 
  • No blackmailing 
  • Be honest
  • Look after your property
  • Look after your friend from bad people 
  • Stand up for them
  • Sharing
  • Listen to them 

There is actually more to list but the boys starting talking about more specific situations and then talking about football.... 

My definition of a friend is endless, however if you make me smile, keep me grounded and always be honest with me even when you know it will hurt me, that is what I consider a friend.

These smiles are my smiles for that reason.

I hope you all are lucky enough to have amazing smiles like mine! x

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