My Friends are CRAZY....

31 July 2013

When the sun first made its appearance a bunch us all headed up to our local park to make use of the good weather. You can read here more about the day.

Prior to this i filmed some of our crazy antics... hence the title.

Check it out

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29 July 2013

Yell-Lah... That's how you have to pronounce it when you see this dress. At least thats what i call it. I have a spot of 'Chav' in me, forgive me. haha

This yell-lah number i wore to a christening on Saturday. I seem to be attending a lot of these recently, seems like everyone is having babies! Such a beautiful thing!

I got this dress last year in the River Island sale, a friend of mine actually bought it for it for me as it was so cheap! I love my zara heels, they are so comfortable and i wear them as much as i can. Perfect for a celebration and the heel is just high enough for a night out with the girls!

Dress: River Island
Shoes: Zara
Watch: Topshop

Sale Haul / New Look, Bershka and Primark

I don't know about you guys but i have been pretty excited about the summer sales this year. Not only have we had an actual summer, but the sales have actually been worth checking out. I am one of those shoppers who would rather shop the sales online because trying to find a really good item on sale is like finding a needle in a haystack... you have to hunt for it!

Check out my latest video blog about my sale haul. Enjoy x

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Mom Jeans for a Mum

25 July 2013

Ha! After 9 years I still find it funny that I am a mum, makes me feel old! Yikes!

However these "mom" jeans from Topshop makes me looks hella cool! I featured them in my blog here, but didn't do a post on how I wore them (as I have been wearing them a lot) so I thought why not catch a few snaps before I head to work. 

I've been staying at my mums for the past few days so excuse my Primark sandals again I wouldn't have originally of worn then with this outfit!

I am thinking of doing more of these outfit posts while the weather is so nice because i have been wearing a few nice pieces... mind you, they are from my summer wardrobe from the past 2 years - which i dig through constantly since the sun has decided to make a permanent appearance!

Mom Jeans - Topshop
Lace Crop Top - Topshop
Belt - Topshop (present)
Bag - Present
Sandals - Primark

How High can i Fly?

23 July 2013

I want to dedicate this post to everyone who was apart of my journey in the last year or so.

Some may know and some may not, but i gradated this time last year in Film and TV with a 2:1... BOOM! To me this was not at all expected. Those who have gone through the University route all know that your final year is the year which you are tested the most, not just with what you are studying but with personal situations as well. The pressure is sky high to get a good grade and to be able to leave with a degree that you loose focus on your surroundings. For me my final year consisted of loads of red bull, coffee, fags and sleepless nights! The day i handed in my dissertation i felt like i had won the lottery! So to everyone who is graduating now CONGRATULATIONS and well frickin' done!

I found out my results when i was in the airport in Barbados coming back to London, my uni friend Charlie messaged me what i had got. I was like a little kid at christmas, so happy and overwhelmed and grinning from ear to ear.
As soon as i got home, i revamped my CV, i was on the hunt for a new job and more importantly a career.
Production Base is an online network which connects employers and freelancers to jobs within the Media sector, although you have to pay for it, it's worth it. My very first interview was for a production co-ordinator role within a corporate media company. To of even been offered the interview was one thing, but i felt this was such a senior role for someone coming straight out of education, i was just going to take the interview as a learning curve.

I didn't tell anyone about the interview apart from my friend Kelly as i didn't want to have the disappointment of having to explain i didn't get the job. Any hoo, interview time... it was good, went very well. I actually felt more in love with the job after the interview and wanted it so bad. I was told that they were seeing a few more people and would get back to me by the following week. (that week couldn't have gone any slower). The day before i would have found out (and the day before my graduation) i emailed the production manager, Arren and just explained that i would really want the job and it would be perfect for me blah blah.. he emailed straight away (bearing in mind this was around 9pm) saying they are making some decisions.
The next day i was preparing for my graduation, as i drove up to my mums driveway i got a phone call from a number i didn't recognise, it was Arren... he explained to me that they didn't think that i was experienced enough for the co-ordinator role.... however... they really liked me and thought that i could bring something to the company (not so much in those words) and they wanted to offer me a position as a Production Assistant! BOOM BOOM double Frickin' BOOM. That was this time last year. 

So this post is to thank everyone at Multi Media Unit at the University of Law especially to Arren Stromboli and Kerri Trounce who took a chance on me and helped me get to where i am now. Although i no longer work the MMU i was so honoured to have meet and worked with such amazing people.

My hand made leaving card... LOVE! Made by Amy Stanton x

Whats that!?.... A TOPSHOP VOUCHER?... Shut the front door!

 My Graduation 2012

To everyone who managed to read through this thanks! I know it's a bit long winded x


19 July 2013

I saw this quote and made me think of many reasons why i am happy.

Don't let anyone take your happiness away x

Happy Friday peeps x

*Image sourced from google

Can't get Enough...

16 July 2013

Of the SUN!

If we could have sun all year round i would be so happy! This great weather just makes everyone so happy and fun. All you want to do is go out and socialise, take the kids out, play about and most of all we have a bloody great excuse to dress up and look ahhh-maazz-zing... in next to nothing may i add!

This weekend was pretty much jam packed like last weekend.
Friday evening i went round to my friend Donica's house to have some cocktails in her newly refurbished garden. Rum punches all round! Was lovely to catch up with all the girlies, although i feel like we have been doing a lot of catching up of recent...

Saturday we had planned to go to Camber Sands beach, but opted out last minute as i didn't want to do the long drive, especially in the heat.
I have been wanting to start Video Blogging for the longest. Only thing is, is that i cringe at myself when i see myself on the screen, even when i hear myself i hate it, kind of ironic as i do like to talk a lot! As some of my friends are from a comedic background, i thought why not take the micky out of my  first Video Blog and do something crazy... so check it out and let me know what you guys think! Please don't be too harsh...

This is the dress i wanted to actually show...

Dress - Primark - £15 BARGIN!!!
Sandals - Primark - Old

And VOGUE....

After the crazy video fanatics, we headed over to one of our local parks with my son and god son. We bumped in to my Dannike, her son and sister, she is down for another weekend woop! We pretty much lounged about and i sunbathed! Got an awesome tan may i add!

Sunday i attended a family member's christening, Couture. She is from my son's side of the family. I couldn't attend the church as i had to sign my son up to his new team... BOOM! Pretty excited about that may i add!
It was a lovely gathering, we attended the Christening after party in Hackney, an amazing venue, with a roof terrace so we could still enjoy the beautiful weather. The venue over looked a massive green so there was loads of flies which i was not happy happy about, but the rum punch and free bar helped ease my insect frustration!

How handsome is my boy!
Shirt - Next
Skinny Jeans - Zara
Boat Shoes - Next

Top - Primark 
Skirt - Miss Selfridges
Shoes - Zara

How gorgeous is Donica's Dress? *Dorothy Perkins

Baby Couture and her stunning mother

Also what do you think of my blog revamp the beautiful Serena from LovePrettyWildThings designed it for me, she done a great job dontcha think?!

Budget Bucket List

12 July 2013

Money Supermarket are hosting an amazing competition called 'Budget Bucket List'

It's funny because i have never ever had a bucket list, i normally decide that if want to do something i just it and do it. I have always assumed a Bucket List is something that people do when that have a mid-life crisis or they have dealt with a life and death situation. 

Thinking more an more about my Bucket List i realised that there is so much i want to do before i can't so here is my list:

The Extravagant List:

Volunteering Abroad

Summer 2010 i was arranging a 2 week trip to go to Brazil to volunteer, the trip would have cost a little over £1000 and i was able to bring my son with me. It would have been such an amazing opportunity  to help kids and women who need education, books and general aid that we in the UK take for granted and more importantly i would have been able to show my son how fortunate we are and understand other cultures. Unfortunately for them i got offered to work on my first feature film "Victim' which was an amazing experience and got to work some down to earth people. I have always wanted to volunteer abroad so this is defo something i need to do in the future.

Sky Diving

I know this is probably on everyone's list but this is something i have to experience. A few people i know have done this and have loved it!

Deep Sea Diving

I went to Turkey last year with my family and they had an excursion to go deep sea diving, instead we opted out and done something else... which i can't remember, but i have regretted it ever since. I love the sea and water, i am a bit afraid of what lies beneath but i would be so great to see all the pretty fish.

Work on a Studio Production

I work in the media and as i climb up the career ladder i would love the opportunity to work on a big budget film/programme. I enjoy the fast paced, crazy life that working in broadcast brings and exciting opportunities always arise, so hopefully something like this comes sooner than later. 

Work on a destination Production

This kind of ties into the above desire, all the productions i have worked on have all been based in the UK, i would love to work on a production on location, somewhere exotic like Bali...

Girlie Holiday

I would LOVE to go on a girlie holiday with all my smiles. We have never had one. We always say we are gonna do one but never get round to it! :( To be honest i don't care where we go as long as there is a beach, a pool and cocktails! 

Ok so on to my Budget Bucket list....

Speed Dating

I have always been intrigued by how these things work. I wouldn't necessarily go to meet someone but i reckon it would be fun to see the process and if normal people actually go to these things!

Sight seeing in London

Never been, have to try this as i wouldn't be a real Londoner! I want to do and see everything. Visit Buckingham Palace and take pictures with the guards, go on the london eye, ride on a double decker! You know the deal...

Attend a fancy dress party

Yep... this is one thing i have to do! I really want to dress up as Beyonce 'single ladies' or betty boop, or even a 1920 dancer... just dressing up in someone that is not me would be amazing, i get to play a completely different person. 

So that's my list... looking back it seems like a am quite a bore and don't do anything exciting! Which is probably true!

For this Competition i am tagging the following bloggers to take part:

To enter all you have to do is the following...

1) Write your ‘Bucket List’ blog post. Include details of one ‘budget’ and one more extravagant bucket list item. Tell us what is preventing you from doing them and what it would mean to you to complete each of these items. In the post why not mention the competition page so your readers know what the competition is all about, they might want to enter too!
2) When you’ve written your post please list the websites of three other bloggers you think would be interested in joining in the fun. Don’t forget to contact them to let them know it’s happening via Facebook and Twitter.
3) The competition closes on 2nd August, 2013. You can let them know you’ve entered in one of three ways:
- Using Facebook you can link to your blog post on your wall. Mention ‘Budget Bucket List’ and don’t forget to tag the Facebook page
- You can use Twitter. Simply link to your blog post and don’t forget to include @MoneySupermkt and #budgetbucketlist so they can see it!
- Alternatively you can email them on Be sure to put ‘Budget Bucket List’ in the title of the email. Include the URL of your blog post as well as your name and phone number in the email.
4) The money supermarket judges will select the winner. Check out their terms and conditions here.
Wish me Luck!

Keeping on going

11 July 2013

This week has been a bit of a funny one for me so this quote makes me remember that everything is do is for the best. x

Hope you all are having a good week.

ps. What do you guys think of my new header? Probably gonna make a few tweaks though!

Sun, Fun. Shenanigans...

8 July 2013

Sun, sun where for art thou?.....

Seriously... i had been asking this for the longest ever and finally! Lo and behold we had a full week of sun! and there is more to come. I am writing this post from the comfort of my desk with two air con machines either side of the office and a fan placed on the right hand side of me... and i am still pretty warm! Don't worry this is not a compliant just pointing out the facts that England may actually have a summer. I won't hold on to that though... but a girl can wish!

My sunny weekend consisted of picnics, spending time with my son and friends, gossiping with the girls and getting a wee but tipsy on rum punch, wine and more rum!

This is going to be a photo heavy post so you have been warned!

P.S This is Day 1...

Nica Soaking up the sun in her custom made dress, african inspired.

Felt leopard print suited this occasion....
Wearing leopard printed dress from H&M - £7 in sale
White bow tie alice band from New Look - £4.50
Circular sunnies from TopShop - £16
Wedges from Just Fab £35

My beautiful friend Dannike. We go way back to secondary school, she now lives outside of London with her son and fiancee so it was nice for her to come down to London and enjoy the sun with us. 

Donica and her mum... can you believe that is her mum! yep we can't either! both matching in their African cloth.

Why not jump in the picture Sham?!

My handsome God Son Dannae... yes nae peace to you too!

Cion playing as usual! Check out nae in the background!

The three musketeers are back reunited! 

No words... just to cute!


Stevii holding Faris.. awwwwww

Yummy Mummy Maxine

Ha! 'The wannabe Yardie' Jade... Played by Aedenya... we asked her to come in character... 

Jade and Shanice in full effect!

Just some of the crew...

She is adorable! Couture playing cute!


Hi Erica!

Urgh... Yardies....

Can we have some please Sion?

Hehe... AJ

Awww Jonathan made an appearance.... 

Jade and her bubba Cairo such a cutey!


Will do a second post for Sunday's fun in the sun, this post could not carry more excitement! lol
I hope you all had fun in the sun this weekend, do share your stories x

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