Festival Season with Hunter

5 July 2013

I can't say that i am a festival junkie only been to one in my life which was wireless 2010 or 2011 (can't remember!), so it's been a while but from my experience then, i am well aware that comfort is the ultimate goal... seriously who wants to walk up and down on grass in a pair of killer loubs? Not me?

Charles Clinkford is hosting a blogger competition to win a pair of Hunters and today is the last day so if you want to get involved go here for details ASAP!

In order to get win you have to put together a style board of how you would style your Hunters for your festival look.

....and here is one i made earlier :)

This is pretty much my festival outfit. I can't do layers nor to much clothing especially as festivals are about having fun, listening to music and most importantly getting hammered with your mates. So i have to stay comfortable adding bits of style here and there and thats what these amazing bracelets from Love Hearts and Crosses do for this outfit.

I hope you like as much as i do and for anyone attending any festivals this year let me know! and ENOY!


  1. That dress is cute. Love the pattern.

  2. i need that hat! i am all about a cute summer cap <3 check mine out here

    Xo Courtney || ColorMeCourtney.com

  3. Absolutely love the dress! Cute festival ideas I love the look :)
    Emma x emandthem.blogspot.com


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