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8 July 2013

Sun, sun where for art thou?.....

Seriously... i had been asking this for the longest ever and finally! Lo and behold we had a full week of sun! and there is more to come. I am writing this post from the comfort of my desk with two air con machines either side of the office and a fan placed on the right hand side of me... and i am still pretty warm! Don't worry this is not a compliant just pointing out the facts that England may actually have a summer. I won't hold on to that though... but a girl can wish!

My sunny weekend consisted of picnics, spending time with my son and friends, gossiping with the girls and getting a wee but tipsy on rum punch, wine and more rum!

This is going to be a photo heavy post so you have been warned!

P.S This is Day 1...

Nica Soaking up the sun in her custom made dress, african inspired.

Felt leopard print suited this occasion....
Wearing leopard printed dress from H&M - £7 in sale
White bow tie alice band from New Look - £4.50
Circular sunnies from TopShop - £16
Wedges from Just Fab £35

My beautiful friend Dannike. We go way back to secondary school, she now lives outside of London with her son and fiancee so it was nice for her to come down to London and enjoy the sun with us. 

Donica and her mum... can you believe that is her mum! yep we can't either! both matching in their African cloth.

Why not jump in the picture Sham?!

My handsome God Son Dannae... yes nae peace to you too!

Cion playing as usual! Check out nae in the background!

The three musketeers are back reunited! 

No words... just to cute!


Stevii holding Faris.. awwwwww

Yummy Mummy Maxine

Ha! 'The wannabe Yardie' Jade... Played by Aedenya... we asked her to come in character... 

Jade and Shanice in full effect!

Just some of the crew...

She is adorable! Couture playing cute!


Hi Erica!

Urgh... Yardies....

Can we have some please Sion?

Hehe... AJ

Awww Jonathan made an appearance.... 

Jade and her bubba Cairo such a cutey!


Will do a second post for Sunday's fun in the sun, this post could not carry more excitement! lol
I hope you all had fun in the sun this weekend, do share your stories x


  1. this is so lovely - my family are italian and our get togethers usually involve a hog roast...xx

  2. I really loveeee the pictures!! Would you like to follow eachother? Just lemme know Michelle xx

  3. I've actually tried on that H&M dress in stores before. It didn't look very good on my, but it looks great on you!

    7% Solution​

  4. cute outfits, looks like you guys had a blast! ps new follower, i'm looking forward to following along!!!<3

    Xo Courtney ||

  5. nice... love the Kente dresses


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