Christenings and Pretty Dresses

27 August 2013

I am a sucker for a pretty dress, only thing is, is that i rarely get to wear pretty dresses which is when my dear friend Jade Christened her first son Cairo i knew that this was the dress i wanted to wear.

It fits me perfectly and makes me feel... well.. pretty! I love the gold detailing and the sheer fabric reminds me of a dress that the great late Audrey Hepburn would wear. I know black is a bit to dark for a Christening so i added a pop of colour with these AWESOME heels from Bershka and my Dorothy Perkins Clutch that has been collecting dust in my closet since my 24th birthday.

Dress - Chicwish
Shoes - Bershka, similar here
Clutch - Dorothy Perkins, similar here  

The christening was incredible, was nice to see all my friends and have a laugh and just enjoy everyone's company.

Hope you all had a great bank holiday! x

Booted not Suited.!

I absolutely love seeing new collections especially from independent designers such as Leren Connor. I have been following Leren for the last year and her style as a designer has grown incredibly. All her collections remain consist which i love yet she manages to show growth within every collection she produces.

I am for this new collection! Booted not Suited is the name of Leren's latest collection and i am in complete awe. Her collection is focused around these amazing comic/cartoon print fabrics which she incorporates into remarkable fashionable pieces.

"Booted not suited, traditionally known as ‘suited and booted’ takes you through five different bold prints to create a collection inspired by the working ethics of women in todays society.

Each print portrays a roll of work just made that extra bit funky with style and colours.
I decided to play around with the title and called it ‘booted not suited’ because I wanted to create something different for the working women with a concept of being a bit more out there rather than being typical and sticking to the normality of work wear." - Leren Connor. 


Because we are MEGA excited for this new collection and i know that she has been working so hard on creating it, Leren wants to give Virgos and Kisses readers a chance to win (drum roll...) an item from her old collection, a piece of jewellery and 30% of the new collection! How friggin' amazing is that! That means three lucky winners gets one of the above!

All you have to do is the following:

Like Leren Connor on Facebook

If you're impatient like me you can buy Leren's latest collection and older collections from Asos Market Place and Runway Republic. You can also go direct to via Leren Connor's Facebook and order via there.

Good Luck!

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Maxed Out

23 August 2013

Summer is slowing leaving us and soon we will be back to the rain, snow and freezing cold weather! Im not sad though as we have had a pretty good summer in terms of the weather and for once it has actually been consistent... thank you ENGLAND! I am only sad that i can't get my legs out anymore... *cries*.

I took these pictures before work. Hence why i looked tired...This is my usual attire when going to work as i like to stay comfy. I am so in love with these Nike Air Max's. I am not a trainer girl, not one bit. I love my converses though, they will never let me down. I think the past year and a bit i have been adding trainers to my expanding shoe collection and i am not regretting it at all. 

Tshirt dress - H&M, similar here
Nike Air Max 1 - Footasylm, buy here
Backpack - Asos (old) similar here

Mono Me...

21 August 2013

Ahh the monochrome trend. How i love to embrace the black and white. My closet is full of blacks and whites and when i am in the right kind of mood i like to add a pop of colour here and there.

I bought this shirt from h&m a while back its quite big for me but i prefer it flowy as it hangs off me nicely. The skirt is a new addition and i can't wait to officially debut it,  only wore it for the sake of the photos, as well as the Primark sandals. I absolutely love the sandals but they hurt like hell! I wore them once out to dinner and i vowed never to wear them again... so now i can just admire them from afar as i won't be wearing these monochrome babies again.

Shirt - h&m, similar here and here
Quilted faux Leather skirt - Bershka
Heeled Sandals - Primark, similar here
Clutch - Topshop (old) similar here

Weekend Craze...BBC Tour / Brixton Splash

20 August 2013

This post is long overdue! Probably 2 weeks old! I have a good reason though... My MacBook has been backed up "your start up disk is full" bullsh*%t keeps coming up when I try and download or upload new things on to it. But all is well... I borrowed my harddrive to a friend and now it's back woohoo and I finally was able to back up everything on to my harddrive and clear up so much needed space on the lappy!

So on to this post.

2 weeks ago on Saturday we took the kids to the BBC tour at the New Broadcasting house in central London. Really exciting and great fun for anyone who wants to know this history of the BBC. It is currently the school summer holidays so i think is is important to do as much as you can with the kids, so when i saw that the BBC was doing tours i thought why the hell not!
Brixton do an annual street party every summer to celebrate... Brixton. I have never been even though i live down the road. Usually i am either working or busy. This year me and my friends planned to go and check it out. It was fun and loud and i have never seen Brixton so rammed in my life!

Check out the photos and video from that weekend.

How has your weekend been? Hope you all have been enjoying what seems to be the last but of sun! 

August Wish List...

14 August 2013

I haven't done one of these in a hot minute and i did vow to do these every month, however i am not the shopper to make a list of things i want, then buy it, i am more of an impulse buyer... See, Want, Buy. 
The lovely photo above had been my lusts for the past few weeks (my wish list). Let me know what you guys think!
1. Blog Diary - I NEED ONE! I am a lists girl and can not function without writing lists, it had got me through Uni, it gets me through work and now it needs to get me through my blog. I don't want to take my blog uber serious only because its fun for me, but having scheduled posts would be such a time consumer, especially as i have been so busy of late! ...Will probably head to Paperchase on my break to purchase.
2. Mesh Platform Trainers - Ebay £24.99  - It's love! I have no words for these platform trainers apart from the fact that i will be purchasing them at the end of the month. My weekly browsing on ebay turned my attention to these babies and ever since i saw them i keep checking they are still there!
3. Graphics Tablet - Amazon £39.99 - I semi need one of these in my life. I use one at work and it is so much better than a mouse. Its really good when i am on photoshop creating pictures like the one above. 
4. Circle Print Kimono - Copper Garden £10 - I saw this lush Kimono on Copper Garden's website last week and fell in love. Kimonos are in this season and everyone and their mother is wearing one! I have been searching high and low for the perfect one which is why i love Copper Garden's tye dye effect Kimono. They also do them in different colours but they are not on the site yet so keep checking... and who can go wrong with the price!
5. Delancy Backpack - Free People $388 - I need a new bag for work... not a handbag. A backpack would be perfect for me, because i can carry my laptop or camera in it with out it sticking out etc. This bag would be perfect except for the price tag, so i am going to hunt for something similar (do make suggestions thanks in advance!). 
6. Treat Your Girl Right Cropped Hoodie - Utter Couture £68 - See, Want, Buy... is how i felt when i saw this! I didn't buy it though as i am contemplating how i am going to wear it, but love the saying! Utter Couture also have some pretty cool pieces so do check them out!
So what do you think of my August Wish List?...

I heart a GOOD quote

7 August 2013

Happy Wednesday people x

*images sourced from google

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