Booted not Suited.!

27 August 2013

I absolutely love seeing new collections especially from independent designers such as Leren Connor. I have been following Leren for the last year and her style as a designer has grown incredibly. All her collections remain consist which i love yet she manages to show growth within every collection she produces.

I am for this new collection! Booted not Suited is the name of Leren's latest collection and i am in complete awe. Her collection is focused around these amazing comic/cartoon print fabrics which she incorporates into remarkable fashionable pieces.

"Booted not suited, traditionally known as ‘suited and booted’ takes you through five different bold prints to create a collection inspired by the working ethics of women in todays society.

Each print portrays a roll of work just made that extra bit funky with style and colours.
I decided to play around with the title and called it ‘booted not suited’ because I wanted to create something different for the working women with a concept of being a bit more out there rather than being typical and sticking to the normality of work wear." - Leren Connor. 


Because we are MEGA excited for this new collection and i know that she has been working so hard on creating it, Leren wants to give Virgos and Kisses readers a chance to win (drum roll...) an item from her old collection, a piece of jewellery and 30% of the new collection! How friggin' amazing is that! That means three lucky winners gets one of the above!

All you have to do is the following:

Like Leren Connor on Facebook

If you're impatient like me you can buy Leren's latest collection and older collections from Asos Market Place and Runway Republic. You can also go direct to via Leren Connor's Facebook and order via there.

Good Luck!

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