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5 August 2013

It's Sunday 4th August around 9pm, and i'm laying bed because i simply can not sleep... drained and exhausted i reach for my phone and go straight to my twitter app. My timeline is flooded with tweets about Krept and Konan's new video that went up on YouTube yesterday (i think).  I think to myself 'yeah... another uk rap/video gone viral'. If you know me, you know i have little interest in the UK rap/grime scene, however their are a handful of artists which i have and will continue to support and buy their music on itunes. One of which i have mention in a blog post here.
Today at 19:34 i watched 'My Story' by Krept and Konan a video directed by Javier Alejandro (look out for him guys!) and i literary started welling up... i don't want to talk too much on the video because i want you all to watch and feel the emotion i felt.
Told via Konan's situation, its a story of how a young black talented boy turned an excruciating situation into a life changing one. As i write this post i still hear the lyrics and see the images from the video, yet it makes me proud to know that his life could of gone left instead of RIGHT.

Please all watch.

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