Weekend Craze...BBC Tour / Brixton Splash

20 August 2013

This post is long overdue! Probably 2 weeks old! I have a good reason though... My MacBook has been backed up "your start up disk is full" bullsh*%t keeps coming up when I try and download or upload new things on to it. But all is well... I borrowed my harddrive to a friend and now it's back woohoo and I finally was able to back up everything on to my harddrive and clear up so much needed space on the lappy!

So on to this post.

2 weeks ago on Saturday we took the kids to the BBC tour at the New Broadcasting house in central London. Really exciting and great fun for anyone who wants to know this history of the BBC. It is currently the school summer holidays so i think is is important to do as much as you can with the kids, so when i saw that the BBC was doing tours i thought why the hell not!
Brixton do an annual street party every summer to celebrate... Brixton. I have never been even though i live down the road. Usually i am either working or busy. This year me and my friends planned to go and check it out. It was fun and loud and i have never seen Brixton so rammed in my life!

Check out the photos and video from that weekend.

How has your weekend been? Hope you all have been enjoying what seems to be the last but of sun! 


  1. My laptops also been a headache this wknd. Great post looks like you guys had a blast at the event!


    1. Thanks babe! Technology will be our biggest downful im tellin you! x

  2. Looks like you had an enjoyable weekend! The studios look nice :) I just sold at a sunday market and then had hot pot dinner with friends. Nothing this exciting!

    I've never visited the BBC studios and I live in London...

    Amy x | kekidoll.com

    1. I did! You must go! gosh i miss the sunday market, hope you managed to make loads of monies! x


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