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28 September 2013

The braids are finally out!
I have to put it out there that i am the worst person when it comes to my weave and extensions. The most wear i can get out of it i will! Those braids i had in was for over 2 months...crazy right! So it was such a relief to get them out! This year i told myself i was going to give the weave a rest but maintaining my natural hair is such a stress so next week i'm going back to a full body weave! yay!

My outfit...

How dope are these trousers! I am loving print of recent any kind of print i am falling for, leopard, camo, zebra, tartan you name it! I am so in love with these camouflage trousers, they belong to my sister and when she went on holiday a few weeks back i was randomly snooping around her room at my mums and found them! They fit me perfectly and are soooooooo comfortable. She won't let me have them *sighs* and i have been looking for a perfect pair ever since, but i have had no such luck... so if you guys have any suggestions do let me know!

Trousers (sisters) - River Island, similar
Bag (old) - River Island, similar

Hope you all are having a great weekend!

Tarty Tarty!

23 September 2013

This is going to be the quickest post EVER!


This is my outfit.


Leather Jacket - Warehouse (old), similar here
Shoe/boots - Kurt Geiger (old)

Goodbye. x

Makes Me Wonder...

18 September 2013

... if i have really put on too much weight! Over the weekend thats all people keep asking me... "gosh mish you look meatier".... "mish you put on weight? your ass looks massive" *frowns*

These comments has made me get back in to the gym pronto and refrain from any food that makes me feel good!... Minus the hummingbird bakery cupcake i had earlier :)

Enough complaining... moving forward...

My son is a massive Friday Download Fan, for anyone who has kids over the age of 6 you would know about this programme. Think of Live and Kicking or SMTV Live, that kind of thing... less cheese and loads of singing and dancing. I managed to get hold of 3 tickets for the kids to be apart of the audience from a website called BeOnScreen where you can get tickets for loads of shows like Alan Carr Chatty man... which may i add i am going to next month! YAY! You have to apply for tickets super quick, especially the primetime as they go really quick!
I had three tickets so i took Cion (obvs), my god son Keanu and my friend's nephew Ceejay. The kids had a blast thankfully, i do wish i had taken pics and i have no excuses for why i didn't! I finally got to debut my oversized custom made print Jeans Jacket from Leren Connor. I fell in love with it when i first saw it and was so happy when she gave it to me! Thanks Leren! She has some more amazing custom Jackets with various prints so do check them out as A/W is approaching. May i add it is a great statement piece... and we all know jeans jackets is one trend that never dies.

Bodycon midi dress (old) - Asos, similar here

In the evening i went to a birthday celebration. My friend Dannike, her older sister Jodie was celebrating her 30th (i think). She hosted a small gathering at her house filled with loads of food (my fav) and music and not to state the obvious: alcohol... I do love house gatherings as they are much more intimate and you get to communicate better. However Jodie had a DJ come at around 11-12ish... the night slowly turned from a gathering to a full blown PAAARRDDDYYY! Alcohol flowing, good peeps and great music who would want to leave! Me and Dannike were still standing  dancing at 5am until the DJ finally packed up and left... Unfortunately for me Sunday consisted of a crazy hangover and laying in bed all day! I seriously can not remember when i have had that much fun or when i have even got so hammered! I won't repeat that again! Hangover's are the worst and you end up wasting a bloody day recovering!
I got this incredible shirt from a little vintage shop on Berwick Street and for only £18 it was fate... i had to have it. Personally i wouldn't have normally paired it with this wet look skirt, originally i wanted to pair it with a high waisted jeans skirt i picked up in the new look sale in the summer, however i got these nasty bites on my legs so i had to go for a skirt which i could with wear tights... Just my luck eh! I wish i had a close up of my boots as i love them so much, i got them in the Zara sale last year, they are pointed with tassels around the rim... these pics does no justice to these beauts!

Top - Vintage shop Berwick St
Skirt - Missguided
Boots - Zara

Hope you all had a good weekend! Whats all your plans for the upcoming weekend?

Calling call ACTORS!

16 September 2013

Oh wow we are back again!

If you have been following my blog for a while you will know that i am producing a new web series called "The Real Babymothers of Brixton" RBOB for short. Excited... i am indeed, i am looking forward to the endless admin, managing schedules, shooting to whatever time and anything else that a producer does... yay me!

Lets put my rambling aside onto the real reason for the post... we are CASTING! Love this part of pre-production as we get to see talent before our eyes make our vision come alive.

So if you are a budding actor/actress or even an experienced one and want to be apart of this amazing production check out the roles we are casting for below and get applying!

"Chocolate sisters are producing a great new web series called 'The Real Baby Mothers of Brixton'. RBOB for short. The title is pretty much explanatory. RBOB is a parody of how brixton is portrayed through the babymothers lives. 
Centered and filmed in brixton the series contains a lot of drama, fun and sad times shown in a comedic nature."

Kerry- Ann - Playing age 18-21
Kerry-Ann is a 19 year old baby mother of two, she was born in Jamaica, Kingston but has lived in South London, Brixton since she was 15 years old. She has a some what of a vulgar outlook on life and is not afraid to express her views to everyone and anyone who’s willing to listen.

Kwame - Playing age 21-25
Kwame is a 24 year old hustler/fraudster born and raised in Brixton. He is from an african decent born in London. He has the typical Brixton swagger and sees himself as a ladies man with a rough edge.

Gary - Playing age 30-40
Gary is a middle aged white man who is going through a mid life crisis, he has an addiction to young Jamaican black women. Gary is the typical Jack the lad. He enjoys going to the pub, watching the sunday footy with his co-workers and is not afraid of the late night kebab. 

Ricky - Playing age 25-28
Ricky is a mysterious yardie aged between 28-30 years old. He is very much in touch with his Jamaican roots and loves everything about his country especially the women and the food. 

If any of the role above is something you are interested or you know somebody who is email with your headshot and your interest.

Auditions are taking place on 27th and 28th Sept. Location TBC

Just in case you haven't seen this already here is a little promo of one of the characters. Enjoy!

Footy Season is Back!

13 September 2013

Ok so it started back last month... but for the kids our season starts now! Official 1st season game is this Saturday and i have to say i am pretty excited to see my son play again.

He does make me very proud
We signed up to a new team this season due to circumstances i don't particularly want to get into, so most of my summer consisted of me driving up and down London trialing for youth teams... but alas we now have a team and Cion loves it, as do i.

Last Sunday was the Langley FC annual pre season tournament. I prayed for the weather to be nice as it did start out that way, but the on and off rain made its way to us so the day pretty much consisted of us running for cover (as i didn't bring a brolly) and running back out when Cion's team was playing (yes they still make the kids play in the rain!).

Celebrating a goal... as you do!
We made it to the quarter finals, but got knocked hoo. The team we played against was really good in our defence... oh well we always have next year!

In other news London Fashion Week! Who's excited? I sure am, sadly i'm not attending any shows this year however events is defo on the agenda!

*I had to blur out the kids faces as i didn't get permission from parents to use them in my blog.

Vamp It Up

7 September 2013

Bye Summer... Hello Autumn! 

Everyone is sad that Summer is leaving but i am actually looking forward to the colder days! I can't wait to start layering again, i can't stop thinking about about winter boots, oversized coats and don't get me started on the matching hat and gloves! The colder the weather gets the more i can stay at home and snuggle, watch movies and have ME time.

Cion and I went ice-skating today. I used to go all the time when i was younger so I was very optimistic on how i would do... luckily i never dropped... Cion on the other hand...

I felt like channelling the Vamp in me today. I love this Mac Lippy but i can't wear it as often because it does make my face look quite hard so for the sake of these pictures i wore it... to ice-skating i did not!
I got this lush cardigan from a car boot sale which i mentioned in an earlier post here. When i bought it i wore it almost everyday however as the weather started get warmer it had to take a backseat but with these up coming breezier days i am oh-so looking forward to getting back into this bad boy!

Oh and how can i forget how awesome are these DMs are! I saw these when browsing Amazon a few weeks back and i have been sweating for them ever since! So when payday came these were my first go-to purchase!

I hope everyone is gearing up for Autumn and is ready to say goodbye to Summer "Sob...Sob".
Let's just embrace it!


Cardigan - Car Boot Sale, similar here
Dress - OLD - Bullfrog Boutique
Pleated Faux Leather Skirt - InLoveWithFashion sample sale, similar here 

Orange is the New Black...

1 September 2013

Just kidding! 
I've been watching "Orange is the New Black" for the past few days and have nearly finished. It's a new show produced by Lionsgate Television and aired exclusively on Netflix.  Based on the memoirs of Piper Chapman about her own experiences in women prison. It's funny as hell and i love all the characters. All i am saying is if i had to go to prison for a year please could my experience be close to Piper Chapmans...

So this outfit. Clearly this is old as i shot this when it was raining last weekend. It was such a miserable day and i had planned to take Cion swimming but we opted out and went to the cinemas to watch 'Percy Jackson and the Sea on Monsters'. Can i stress how much i hate kiddies films! I love animation because of the humour but kid/teen films i can't get into it. However Percy Jackson i really did enjoy. Cion loved it so much he made me buy the book for him!

I think i have mentioned before that i am a black horder. Most of my clothes are black and it will more than likely be my colour for the A/W. I am still in love with my disco pants from Missguided however they are starting to show their worth, after a few washes the threading is becoming loose... or maybe that could be my fat ass!
I love my Louis Vuitton bag. I try not to wear it all the time because the handle is small so i have to constantly carry it with my hand (hence handbag), shoulder bags are much more my thing. I bought it last year as an impulse buy, part of my retail therapy. I don't regret it but i won't be making purchases like that so hastily again!
I bought this lush black top from a shop called BikBok in Oxford Street some years ago, since then it has closed down. It fit massive on me but thats how i like it as i hides all the bumps and lumps!

Top - Old! - BikBok 
Platform Shoes - TopShop, similar here

Happy 1st of September! What are your plans for this month?

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