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28 September 2013

The braids are finally out!
I have to put it out there that i am the worst person when it comes to my weave and extensions. The most wear i can get out of it i will! Those braids i had in was for over 2 months...crazy right! So it was such a relief to get them out! This year i told myself i was going to give the weave a rest but maintaining my natural hair is such a stress so next week i'm going back to a full body weave! yay!

My outfit...

How dope are these trousers! I am loving print of recent any kind of print i am falling for, leopard, camo, zebra, tartan you name it! I am so in love with these camouflage trousers, they belong to my sister and when she went on holiday a few weeks back i was randomly snooping around her room at my mums and found them! They fit me perfectly and are soooooooo comfortable. She won't let me have them *sighs* and i have been looking for a perfect pair ever since, but i have had no such luck... so if you guys have any suggestions do let me know!

Trousers (sisters) - River Island, similar
Bag (old) - River Island, similar

Hope you all are having a great weekend!


  1. amazing blog! :)
    would you like to follow each other?

  2. That outfit looks great on you hun Xx

  3. love the style of those pants! and can't wait to see your new hairstyle.


  4. do love those trousers - nice x

  5. you look amazing! <3

  6. love your outfit and your trouser look stunning on you

  7. l'm loving that top PERFECT <33 :)

  8. I LOVE your top!!! Such a cool design


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