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16 September 2013

Oh wow we are back again!

If you have been following my blog for a while you will know that i am producing a new web series called "The Real Babymothers of Brixton" RBOB for short. Excited... i am indeed, i am looking forward to the endless admin, managing schedules, shooting to whatever time and anything else that a producer does... yay me!

Lets put my rambling aside onto the real reason for the post... we are CASTING! Love this part of pre-production as we get to see talent before our eyes make our vision come alive.

So if you are a budding actor/actress or even an experienced one and want to be apart of this amazing production check out the roles we are casting for below and get applying!

"Chocolate sisters are producing a great new web series called 'The Real Baby Mothers of Brixton'. RBOB for short. The title is pretty much explanatory. RBOB is a parody of how brixton is portrayed through the babymothers lives. 
Centered and filmed in brixton the series contains a lot of drama, fun and sad times shown in a comedic nature."

Kerry- Ann - Playing age 18-21
Kerry-Ann is a 19 year old baby mother of two, she was born in Jamaica, Kingston but has lived in South London, Brixton since she was 15 years old. She has a some what of a vulgar outlook on life and is not afraid to express her views to everyone and anyone who’s willing to listen.

Kwame - Playing age 21-25
Kwame is a 24 year old hustler/fraudster born and raised in Brixton. He is from an african decent born in London. He has the typical Brixton swagger and sees himself as a ladies man with a rough edge.

Gary - Playing age 30-40
Gary is a middle aged white man who is going through a mid life crisis, he has an addiction to young Jamaican black women. Gary is the typical Jack the lad. He enjoys going to the pub, watching the sunday footy with his co-workers and is not afraid of the late night kebab. 

Ricky - Playing age 25-28
Ricky is a mysterious yardie aged between 28-30 years old. He is very much in touch with his Jamaican roots and loves everything about his country especially the women and the food. 

If any of the role above is something you are interested or you know somebody who is email with your headshot and your interest.

Auditions are taking place on 27th and 28th Sept. Location TBC

Just in case you haven't seen this already here is a little promo of one of the characters. Enjoy!

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