Footy Season is Back!

13 September 2013

Ok so it started back last month... but for the kids our season starts now! Official 1st season game is this Saturday and i have to say i am pretty excited to see my son play again.

He does make me very proud
We signed up to a new team this season due to circumstances i don't particularly want to get into, so most of my summer consisted of me driving up and down London trialing for youth teams... but alas we now have a team and Cion loves it, as do i.

Last Sunday was the Langley FC annual pre season tournament. I prayed for the weather to be nice as it did start out that way, but the on and off rain made its way to us so the day pretty much consisted of us running for cover (as i didn't bring a brolly) and running back out when Cion's team was playing (yes they still make the kids play in the rain!).

Celebrating a goal... as you do!
We made it to the quarter finals, but got knocked hoo. The team we played against was really good in our defence... oh well we always have next year!

In other news London Fashion Week! Who's excited? I sure am, sadly i'm not attending any shows this year however events is defo on the agenda!

*I had to blur out the kids faces as i didn't get permission from parents to use them in my blog.


  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog :) I've never done wall art, but would love to try it.


  2. This is suuuch a cute post, I love reading your blog :)

    Thank you for commenting on my blog! Returning it back :)
    Gemma x


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