Orange is the New Black...

1 September 2013

Just kidding! 
I've been watching "Orange is the New Black" for the past few days and have nearly finished. It's a new show produced by Lionsgate Television and aired exclusively on Netflix.  Based on the memoirs of Piper Chapman about her own experiences in women prison. It's funny as hell and i love all the characters. All i am saying is if i had to go to prison for a year please could my experience be close to Piper Chapmans...

So this outfit. Clearly this is old as i shot this when it was raining last weekend. It was such a miserable day and i had planned to take Cion swimming but we opted out and went to the cinemas to watch 'Percy Jackson and the Sea on Monsters'. Can i stress how much i hate kiddies films! I love animation because of the humour but kid/teen films i can't get into it. However Percy Jackson i really did enjoy. Cion loved it so much he made me buy the book for him!

I think i have mentioned before that i am a black horder. Most of my clothes are black and it will more than likely be my colour for the A/W. I am still in love with my disco pants from Missguided however they are starting to show their worth, after a few washes the threading is becoming loose... or maybe that could be my fat ass!
I love my Louis Vuitton bag. I try not to wear it all the time because the handle is small so i have to constantly carry it with my hand (hence handbag), shoulder bags are much more my thing. I bought it last year as an impulse buy, part of my retail therapy. I don't regret it but i won't be making purchases like that so hastily again!
I bought this lush black top from a shop called BikBok in Oxford Street some years ago, since then it has closed down. It fit massive on me but thats how i like it as i hides all the bumps and lumps!

Top - Old! - BikBok 
Platform Shoes - TopShop, similar here

Happy 1st of September! What are your plans for this month?


  1. of course i love this look! all black is always a winner <3 and those shoes are so sick, thank you for the link


  2. great look :)

    - Janine

  3. Love the all black ensemble, it's so effortless but always still edgy and chic! Your Louis is beautiful too xx

    Find me on bloglovin:

  4. Love the shoes!(and I also enjoyed Percy Jackson too haha).

  5. Omg I watched orange is the new black in the space of like two days. It's sooo addictive, can't wait for the next season mayn! Love this outfit, I love to say "black is the new black" because that's pretty much all I wear lol. Love your blog, now following! :)

    Alethia XO

  6. absolutely LOVE this look! you look amazing
    Emma x

  7. Shoes are so amazing :D you look lovely.

    ruth x


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