Ebay Selling!

28 October 2013

Hey peoples,

I have slowly been converted to the new generation of selling my second hand belongings.

I nervously waved goodbye to car-boot sales and opened my arms to ebaying.... (if that is even a word!).

Check out some of my sells here, i am aiming to have a lot more by this weekend. I was only testing the waters as insertion fees were free this weekend!

Everything starts at 99p so happy bidding!

Black and White

26 October 2013

I didn't purposely shoot these pictures in monochrome, my camera was set to it because i was shooting the girls the day before. Looking back i think they came out alright... good thing i was wearing all black!

This is what i wore to dinner for one of my closest friends 25th Birthday dinner. It's pretty casual as i had to go straight from work but i dressed it up with a dark lippy after work.

I have been looking for a dropped waist dress for the longest and i spotted this one on sale on Asos. Unfortunately they only had it in a size 14 but that didn't stop me from purchasing! I kinda like that fact it's a little big...

Jacket - Warehouse
Boots - Topshop
Hat - Rokit


25 October 2013

I haven't posted image quotes for a while so i though i post some quotes on how i have been feeling lately x

Morning Face

20 October 2013

Urghhh this is truly my MORNING FACE.

I took these pictures before work last week, as you can tell the rain is still making an appearance. "Rain, rain go away..." i sing in my head.

I haven't debuted the Caltrone dupes that i got from New Look on my blog since i put them on youtube even though i wear them everyday! I can honestly say these are my go-to boot, i can wear them down or up and they never fail, it's going to be harder to wear them during this A/W so i am making the most of them now.

Jacket - Warehouse
Hat - Rokit

Brickers Baby

17 October 2013

Bricklane... how interestedly hip you are... full of bloggers, photographers, wannabe hipsters, and vintage lovers.

I took a trip down to the oh so hip Bricklane last weekend. Mainly because i wanted to get some street style snaps for online and print magazine Amor. Making the most of the crazy yet amazing street art i thought it would make the perfect back drop for an outfit post.

Talking to another blogger... as you do in brickers...

Jadeed helping style me :)

Such a darling... even borrowed me his jacket! ^^^^

ohhh and beanie ^^^

"What yu talkin' bout Willis?!"

What i love about Bricklane is that they always have random galleries and exhibitions going on. We popped in to exhibition that was showcasing body casts that breast cancer patients/survioirs had prepared, artists had then taken the mould and added art to the cast. Each cast design represents the cancer patient's story. These two below were my fav.

This cast belonged to a 24 year old women. So young! Which is why it is important to get yourself checked!

I got this super cool hat from Rokit for only £6! I couldn't resist!

Black boyfriend blazer - H&M, similar here
Top - Topshop, similar here

Hope you like my attempt at trying to be a model... NOT! *cringes*

Halloween Nails by Michelle D Nails

14 October 2013

First of all can i say that anyone that shares the first name as me is the BOMB DIGGY! Which brings me to this post...

I have been so excited to share this post with you guys ever since Michelle contacted me about getting my nails done for Halloween.
I have to say i don't really take much pride in my nails and i think that's because i am always on the go, i do make the effort when i am going out (chipped nails are not cute) but i can literary go days without giving my nails some lovin'. So when Michelle contacted me i thought why the hell not!


Is that GLOW IN THE DARK?! Wowzas!

I actually can't stop staring at my nails and i am even considering keeping up the acrylic! Although i have to get used to typing and texting, its a price i am willing to pay! Check out Michelle D Nails here and here and if your in South London check her out at her salon: Inside Electric Beach, 33 St.John's BHill, Battersea, London, SW11 1TT.

Nice Nails Baby

What have you guys got in store for Halloween?

Beauty Tag! Skin Care

9 October 2013

The beautiful Carmen from Shugar Love tagged me for this beauty tag. I have to say i am not big on beauty regimes and i don't have any skin care products that i swear by apart from water! But this is a fun tag and it is always a pleasure to join in the blogging fun!

Check out my answers xxx

Describe your skin care routine in 5 words?
Water, Exfoliate. Cleanse, Cream, Minimal - (this is so lame, i practically copied Carmen's answers! lol)

What's your skin type?
Its a mixture of oily and dry depending on where i am and my reaction to the weather

Top blemish zapper?
Drink lots of WATER!

Face wipes, yay or nay?
Yay... especially if you wear makeup.

Toner, yay or nay?
Nay... i have no idea what toner does!

High-end skin care or high-end makeup?
High-End Makeup defo! When i was younger and didn't have a clue about makeup i used to experiment with the Superdrugs/Boots makeup but now that i like to take pride in how my face looks and wear a bit more than mascara and lipgloss, high-end does the trick and it worth every penny!

What's the most unusual skin care product you've tried?
I don't like to test new products or things on my face/skin. water does the job and i don't want to break out in anything! Luckily for me i have good skin (touch wood) so as natural as it gets is best for me!

Tell us your top skin care tip:
Drink loads of water and use natural products. Less chemicals on the skin the better.

I have decided to tag:
Shanika from Shanika Says
Chloe-Jane from Tiger Lily
Charlotte from Makeup by Candlelight 

I hope you enjoyed my tag x

The Unknown

5 October 2013

We are finally in production for RBOB whoohoo! And today was the first day of filming. 8am call time on a Saturday is not the one but it had to done. 

This time round when shooting we got make up artist, Tola to do the make up for the girls... and in true Michelle fashion i wanted to have a go! Tola had done such amazing job and what she done to my face is beyond belief! Who knew my fat face could look so HOT! I joke i joke. However anyone that knows me know i am not a make up freak. My make up usually takes 10minutes and if i am running late 5minutes and on top of that its pretty much basic... concealer, mascara, blush - eyeliner, foundation and lippy if i'm feeling to go that extra mile! Having to sit and get my make up done was not enjoyable (i have no idea how actresses and models do it!) but the end result made it all worthwhile.

Moving on from the face... how fierce is this new do?! I know i mentioned previously i was going to get long weave but i wanted to wait until the end of the month so went for a long ponytail instead.  

Top - H&M
Dress - Topshop
Boots - Dr Martens
Make Up done by Tola 
Hair By Shamara Roper

Crazy weekend? Any 8am call times too? Ha do tell! x 

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