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9 October 2013

The beautiful Carmen from Shugar Love tagged me for this beauty tag. I have to say i am not big on beauty regimes and i don't have any skin care products that i swear by apart from water! But this is a fun tag and it is always a pleasure to join in the blogging fun!

Check out my answers xxx

Describe your skin care routine in 5 words?
Water, Exfoliate. Cleanse, Cream, Minimal - (this is so lame, i practically copied Carmen's answers! lol)

What's your skin type?
Its a mixture of oily and dry depending on where i am and my reaction to the weather

Top blemish zapper?
Drink lots of WATER!

Face wipes, yay or nay?
Yay... especially if you wear makeup.

Toner, yay or nay?
Nay... i have no idea what toner does!

High-end skin care or high-end makeup?
High-End Makeup defo! When i was younger and didn't have a clue about makeup i used to experiment with the Superdrugs/Boots makeup but now that i like to take pride in how my face looks and wear a bit more than mascara and lipgloss, high-end does the trick and it worth every penny!

What's the most unusual skin care product you've tried?
I don't like to test new products or things on my face/skin. water does the job and i don't want to break out in anything! Luckily for me i have good skin (touch wood) so as natural as it gets is best for me!

Tell us your top skin care tip:
Drink loads of water and use natural products. Less chemicals on the skin the better.

I have decided to tag:
Shanika from Shanika Says
Chloe-Jane from Tiger Lily
Charlotte from Makeup by Candlelight 

I hope you enjoyed my tag x


  1. great tips! Green tea is my skin saviour - it has cleared my skin up so much!


  2. fab tips! I agree about drinking water, it really does make a difference!

  3. Darling i have nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check out my latest blog post and follow the instructions xxx

  4. hey sweetie
    I just found your blog and I loooove it!
    you look gorgeous, love your style!!! I am your new follower!!
    I would love it if you visit my blog and keep in touch!
    I am also hosting a GIVEAWAY these days, so you can join!


  5. Nice post!

  6. Hi Michelle, I know it's taken a while, but here's my responses :o). Xx

  7. wow, great, I was wondering how to cure acne naturally. and found your site by google, learned a lot, now i’m a bit clear. I’ve bookmark your site and also add rss. keep us updated. Mike

  8. Ooh awesome! Thanks for the tips!

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