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17 October 2013

Bricklane... how interestedly hip you are... full of bloggers, photographers, wannabe hipsters, and vintage lovers.

I took a trip down to the oh so hip Bricklane last weekend. Mainly because i wanted to get some street style snaps for online and print magazine Amor. Making the most of the crazy yet amazing street art i thought it would make the perfect back drop for an outfit post.

Talking to another blogger... as you do in brickers...

Jadeed helping style me :)

Such a darling... even borrowed me his jacket! ^^^^

ohhh and beanie ^^^

"What yu talkin' bout Willis?!"

What i love about Bricklane is that they always have random galleries and exhibitions going on. We popped in to exhibition that was showcasing body casts that breast cancer patients/survioirs had prepared, artists had then taken the mould and added art to the cast. Each cast design represents the cancer patient's story. These two below were my fav.

This cast belonged to a 24 year old women. So young! Which is why it is important to get yourself checked!

I got this super cool hat from Rokit for only £6! I couldn't resist!

Black boyfriend blazer - H&M, similar here
Top - Topshop, similar here

Hope you like my attempt at trying to be a model... NOT! *cringes*


  1. Love it!!

    and it was so nice to see you! xo

  2. hahaha! love it! we love the little faces you pull! that anorak is gorgeous and fits you perfectly

  3. Your outfit is great dear, you pull it off very well! I just became your newest follower <3 Hope you can check out my blog xx

    PS. I'm also doing a Vice 2 palette (by Urban Decay) giveaway on my Instagram if you're interested!

    TWITTER @sixthtractate
    INSTAGRAM @heartofplastic

  4. great post! would you like to follow eachother?

  5. aaah you look gorgeous! love the beanie - Brick Lane is my fave!

  6. the location is great and you've got such a great sense of style!

    xo j. Stereo|typically Me

  7. I lovee your outfit, especially your hat and your boots!


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