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24 November 2013

I'm currently watching I'm a Celebrity... First time watching it this series and i have to say Joey Essex is doing pretty well!

I don't really like blogging about work related stuff but as i didn't do an outfit post this weekend i wanted to show you all what i got up to.

If i am not spending time with my son, my weekends normally consist of running crazy errands, arranging shoots, filming, outfit posts for VK and on the odd occasion reciprocating from a heavy hangover!
This weekend was no different. One of the longest shoots i have had all year... not that i am complaining! 9am call time... leaving the studio at 11:30pm... yep 11:30PM!

Here are some snaps from the shoot.

Hope all you had a great weekend!

PS. who is loving I'm a Celeb right now?!

Two Coats, One Autumn

21 November 2013

Urgghhhh! It's getting colder and colder and although i do love Autumn i feel like we are vastly heading into winter terreroity. Not a happy bunny as i type from my laptop with my sweats plus my bed covers... one thing that is making me happy is all the Christmas decorations. Slowly getting into the festive mood! But seriously... were has 2013 gone!

Enough rambling...

I got these thigh high boots sometime ago but have been struggling slightly on how to style them. Lets be honest styled in the right way it can look HOT, however styled in the wrong way i could possibly look like someone who works at a strip club...not that working at a strip club is a bad thing. Each to their own i say! 

I wanted to shoot with two coats today don't ask me why just felt like it...

I got this camel coloured coat from Zara last month and i am in love with it and its super warm! 

This coat i found in my house the other day. It belongs to my friend Tarell, i don't even know if he knows i have it! It's vintage Burberry and super lush but awfully big! I felt very inspector gadget in it. 

Which look do you prefer? x

ps. It looks like i don't iron my clothes. I assure i do...

Promax Awards 2013 - What I Wore

17 November 2013

Last week i attended the Promax Awards at the Park Lane Hilton as a work thing. The Promax Awards celebrates creatives within media/broadcast industry and winners of each category get a really cool gold award (think VMAs lol).

I literary found out 1/2 weeks before that i was going to attend...yep last minute.com.
In an ideal world i would have gone all out... i mean an awards show... who wouldn't want to feel/look ultra glam for one night?! As i am so busy i was originally going to purchase something online but knowing my luck it either wouldn't fit properly or i wouldn't like it also my bank account wouldn't allow me to purchase anything over £30...so i opted on recycling something from my wardrobe.

I got this skirt from H&M a while back and only wore it once for my sisters birthday dinner. It's such a classic piece and you can wear it casually or dressy. This top is actually a dress (points for reinventing!) i love the shoulder detail which made me want to put these two together.

Dress (worn as top) - AX Paris - Similar here
Skirt and Belt and Rings - h&m 
Shoes - Zara - Similar here
Clutch - Aldo - Similar here
Watch - Asos - Similar here

It was such a good night and i hope to attend many more!

Currently: Wondering why i haven't done any of my Christmas shopping! I would have usually of bought everything by now... i am defo slacking.

Looking forward to: My son's 10th Birthday! Whoohoo big 1. 0. I'm sad and happy at the same time. He's growing so fast and soon he'll leave me and start his life as a grown up... but for now he is ALL MINE!

My weekend: Pretty chilled... i need more weekends like this.

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend x

All i want for Christmas...

15 November 2013


Just Kidding... No wait... i'm not. In an ideal world i would have everything!

Moving on.... I recently came across this amazing website (as you do) 'The White Pepper'. I swear i wanted everything they had. Totally my style! Reasonably priced... not your uber cheap boohoo and misguided prices but the quality of the clothing and shoes look on par with the prices so i will definitely will be purchasing in the near future.

I combined a Christmas Edition wish-list of my favourite pieces.

I can't stop staring at the Sheep Skin biker jacket although it's pretty much out of my price range so i can keep on wishing! And those gladiator sandals I.NEED.IN.MY.LIFE...NOW.

Seriously check them out here... i promise you won't regret it!

PS. This collage doesn't do justice to my Photoshop Skills....

Da Bomber

10 November 2013

I feel like i haven't blogged for AGES! 

Where to start... oh yes...let's start with the Bomb Diggy bomb bomb MA1 Bomber. I was cruising the Ebay wave and came across this beauty. I done a little digging and found the perfect one on Amazon. I ordered this one in a size M and i am kinda regretting it as its super big... but oh so warm! So i'm keeping it! I'm thinking of ordering the green in a smaller size as that was the one i had my eyes on. 

Hope you like how i styled it... Please excuse the creased top...uber embarrassed! 

Jumper - Thrifted
Jeans - Topshop
Boots - Dr Martens
Sunglasses - Raybans

Last week: Super busy but so productive. I went to the Promax Awards as part of a work thing. First time and i loved every minute of it... although i think i drank to much!

This week: It's official.. i am getting FAT. I have decided to cancel my gym membership with my local gym and sign up to a gym near work as i am too lazy. Once i get home after work i won't come back out especially now that it's getting cold. So this is my only option. If you work in the central London, preferably Soho and wanna be my gym buddy get in touch! 

What i'm loving: Love and Hip Hop New York is back and i am so engrossed it in all time rachetness! It's a guilty pleasure...deal with it.

Looking forward to: CHRISTMAS! Me and my friends are doing secret santa this year so i am looking forward to seeing what everyone got each other! 

I hope you all had a good weekend! 

Pattern Cray Cray

3 November 2013

Hey beauts...

I actually wasn't going to post this outfit. Its completely mishmash and something i literary threw on for work last Monday. I have been suffering from a cold for the past few days so this is going to be the best your gonna get from me this week.

I adore this vintage shirt, i know i have mentioned it on this blog before but i swear i could live in it! And how gorge is this aztec coat/cardigan. I bought it around two years ago from bershska and it's such a great buy... super comfy! I've packed away all my summer wear this week to make room for my A/W wear and i seem to be finding all sorts that i haven't worn in ages! SCORE! 

Can we just take a moment of silence for my converses... I have had these for around 4years + and i have officially said goodbye to them this week. This was actually the last time i wore them. Everyone and their mum keep telling me to throw them away and i haven't been able to part with them! I don't know about you but i prefer my cons dirty and worn. I have a new pair now thanks to my sister....but they don't feel the same :(

Coat/Cardigan - Bershka - Similar here
Shirt - Vintage (Berwick st)
Jeans Skirt - New Look - Similar here
Bag - Thrifted

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