All i want for Christmas...

15 November 2013


Just Kidding... No wait... i'm not. In an ideal world i would have everything!

Moving on.... I recently came across this amazing website (as you do) 'The White Pepper'. I swear i wanted everything they had. Totally my style! Reasonably priced... not your uber cheap boohoo and misguided prices but the quality of the clothing and shoes look on par with the prices so i will definitely will be purchasing in the near future.

I combined a Christmas Edition wish-list of my favourite pieces.

I can't stop staring at the Sheep Skin biker jacket although it's pretty much out of my price range so i can keep on wishing! And those gladiator sandals I.NEED.IN.MY.LIFE...NOW.

Seriously check them out here... i promise you won't regret it!

PS. This collage doesn't do justice to my Photoshop Skills....


  1. Ah I want all these too!!! So many lovely things, I love the biker jacket too!! xxx

  2. Those gladiators !! I neeeed them!!! Ahhhh


  3. wow, Iv never even heard of this brand but their stuff is so nice, that leather sheepskin jacket is to die for... thanks for sharing :)


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