Two Coats, One Autumn

21 November 2013

Urgghhhh! It's getting colder and colder and although i do love Autumn i feel like we are vastly heading into winter terreroity. Not a happy bunny as i type from my laptop with my sweats plus my bed covers... one thing that is making me happy is all the Christmas decorations. Slowly getting into the festive mood! But seriously... were has 2013 gone!

Enough rambling...

I got these thigh high boots sometime ago but have been struggling slightly on how to style them. Lets be honest styled in the right way it can look HOT, however styled in the wrong way i could possibly look like someone who works at a strip club...not that working at a strip club is a bad thing. Each to their own i say! 

I wanted to shoot with two coats today don't ask me why just felt like it...

I got this camel coloured coat from Zara last month and i am in love with it and its super warm! 

This coat i found in my house the other day. It belongs to my friend Tarell, i don't even know if he knows i have it! It's vintage Burberry and super lush but awfully big! I felt very inspector gadget in it. 

Which look do you prefer? x

ps. It looks like i don't iron my clothes. I assure i do...


  1. I love the whole look! Lipstick and hair included.


  2. Both these coats are so gorgeous!! I love the Camel one from Zara, so lovely - it's so hard to find a decent coat so it's great you have two pretty ones :-) xxx

  3. I love both! I really like the color of the first coat :)


  4. Both of these looks are perfect, and yesss, the boots are perfect!


  5. love both.
    camel because its classic and a gorge colour.
    the trench because its outsized and vintage Burberry #treschic


  6. Lovely look!! u look like Rihanna in the 9th pic LOL!! I prefer the 1st look :D

  7. that Zara camel coat is my favourite by far, it looks so dreamy on you girl! xo

  8. Nice coat you look great in the brown one. I am not a fan of December because of the cold but the Christmas decorations

  9. Great look! I love the camel coat! Just found your blog and really enjoy reading it! Would you like to follow each other on GFC and Bloglovin? Let me know, thanks!


  10. Hey girl! Both of the coats are gorgeous! and the shoes are deadly! :) x

  11. I love your coat from Zara and your boots from new look <3
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  12. love the look so much! :)
    would you like to follow each other?

  13. love the coats!!

  14. Love the coats especially the dark one!

    Lace xx


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