Dear 2013

31 December 2013

Dear 2013,

You have been one hell of a bitch! You drove me insane to the point where i didn't think i could physically move forward... those stressful and draining months brought out the worst in me but you didn't give up and i love you for that. They say you start how you mean to go on, but 2013 you started off bad yet you ended on a high so i can't be mad at you.

Break ups, lost friendships, heartache and pain and all the friggin' above! Damn homie you really put a girl through a lot! But let's not dwell on the past as that's where it's gonna stay, lets look to the future and be thankful for all you have given me.

2013 you gave me a new life, i got a new job where i get work with an amazing yet crazy team everyday, i managed to start this blog which is growing and growing and RBOB was born. What has been the most amazing part of you is that my son continues to grow and grow into a young man... and for all of that i am forever grateful.

So this is where i say goodbye to the year that has been the biggest test of my adult life. Farewell 2013 the worst year of my life yet we ended on the best note....

So cheers to you, you have been the biggest eye opener and i will never forget you but i am afraid i am going to have to say goodbye and embrace 2014 with open arms as looking back is now a distant memory and it's time to start making new ones in 2014!

With Love....

Once Upon a Time

29 December 2013

... I would have been a princess... Seriously who wouldn't want to be one? However i got the short straw and i turned out to be the one who shoots the princess down, steals her crown and keeps her locked up in a tall tower to grow her long flowing hair for my own personal purposes. Yes, ghetto fab at its best!

The festive season does however make us feel slightly tingly inside that 'Once Upon a Time' is the only way to describe the feeling. You get showered with gifts from your loved ones, get to spend the day with your loving yet dysfunctional family and eat till your hearts content. It's offers a magical warmth yet you wake up the next day heaving to hit the monstrous sales that Boxing Day has to offer.... yep... the dream is over.

Strangely i have been feeling very HAPPY. It's crazy as this year has been one of the worst but the last few months have been amazing and Happy is the only way to describe it. Christmas was the icing on the cake and now that 2014 is creeping up ever so quickly i feel like Once Upon a Time in 2014...

Boyfriend Shirt - H&M
Skirt - H&M
Shoes - Zara

I hope you all are looking forward to the New Year! x

Furry Diva

26 December 2013

Awwwww Christmas is over! Ha Happy Boxing Day peeps!

I told myself this year i am not getting sucked into the sales... nope... i won't! If i do it's going to be things for the house as i need to start focusing on my that rather than my closet!

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and spent it with your loved ones. I'm super happy with my  gifts and so is Cion. I actually didn't expect to get anything special but it small gifts which are the ones i am most happy about. I may think about doing post if i'm not to lazy!

I had such a great time with the family. It's so nice to be out of London, although i do miss my friends a bit. We are heading back tomorrow morning and i need to figure out what the heck i am doing for NYE!

Christmas is usually a slow process up until the food is cooked. So i decided to make use of the afternoon and take some blog pics. I forced my sister to follow me and take these for me... she wasn't impressed...

I adore my faux fur coat, it's so lush and makes me feel like a diva! I wish i could wear it all the time but it's so heavy!

Faux Fur - Roman Road Market
Dress - Asos via Roman Road Market
Shoes - Bershka

Right Now: I'm in bed watching 'New Girl'. The fam are heading into town to hit the sales. I'm sticking to my guns and not purchasing anything.... besides i would hate for my card to decline...

This Week: So Christmas is over so i guess we need to start planning ahead for NYE. I have no plans which is a first!

Looking Forward To: 2014 Baby!!!!


25 December 2013

Oh yes a Merry Christmas indeed!

This is a scheduled post as i reckon i would be super busy to actual wish you a Merry Christmas on Christmas day. I can just see myself now either opening presents, drinking, playing some sort of games with the family, watching a Chrismassy film or eating. Either way i will be super preoccupied!

I hope you all are having an amazing Christmas with your loved ones and eating everything in sight! Just remember if you are lucky to be spending Christmas with your loved ones, their are also a lot of people who aren't so i also want to wish them a HAPPY CHRISTMAS!

Enjoy! x

Love Michelle x

Midi and Me

19 December 2013

I was almost certainly not going to do this post as these pictures came out a bit rubbish due to the weather (not down my amazing friend Donica who took this pictures). My weave hair is all over the place! grrrrrr you bloody wind you!

Anyhoo i am a trooper and i really wanted to show off new skirt from H&M which i got last month as a treat to myself. I am loving the full midi trend right now, although i am not one to follow trends this is one i had to jump on asapish! There is something about the midi skirt that you can dress it up for a classy look or simply dress it down for an edgy look. Initially i wanted to do two looks with this but that may come at a later date... yes we shall blame it on the weather!

Top - Primark, similar here
Skirt - H&M, similar here

Right Now: I am at work. I shouldn't be blogging. The End

This Week: Back at work! Was actually looking forward to going back. Being in bed all day is no place for a women. 

Looking Forward To: Seeing my brother and sis in law for Christmas. Heading up to Birmingham on Christmas Eve... actually not looking forward to the drive but can't wait to get into the festive spirit with the fam!

GUYS CHRISTMAS IS IN 6 DAYS! This year has gone soooo quick! Bring on 2014!

25 Random Things About Me TAG!

18 December 2013

No... i didn't get tagged however i am starting a TAG so see below at the end of this post for the bloggers i have put up for this.

So if you know me, or don't know me you will know that i am a nosey parker and love reading these Random things about me posts. Funnily enough you get to know a wee bit more about the blogger. So putting aside my personal style posts and occasional lifestyle posts i have decided to let you guys in on 25 Random things about me!

1. I am a mix between Vietnamese and Nigiran. My mother is Vietnamese and father is Nigerian.

2. My worst fear is getting FAT. I.Can't.Let.Myself.GO

3. I am a hopeless romanitic. I was never like this until i grew up and had a real adult relationship (which is no longer). Now i would love to get married and have more kids.

4. MOB. Money Over Boys. Guess it contradicts the above but i have to have my own stability before i settle down and give my heart to someone again.

5. I love shopping, clothes and shoes. If i could die with all my clothes and shoes i would... but the way my funeral would be set up...

6. My style crush is Tenana Taylor.. absolute doll. No other can pull off the TomBoy look like her.

7. I had been perming my hair since i was 15 and i have finally decided to take the plunge and go back to my natural hair. RIP Perm.

8. I sometimes wish i could combine all my friends into one person and that would be me... maybe just for a day.

9. I have a Love/Hate relationship with social networks. Can't explain... take me back to 1999.

10. I hate being an adult. Bills stress my life.

11. I often get asked to show ID when i buy alcohol. I secretly love it.

12. I wish i was Beyonce. Minus Jay Z.

13. I am planning on getting a nose ring next week. Wish me luck!

14. I watch everything online. It's a rare occasion that i will sit in front of the TV and watch it.

15. My son is 10 years old and he will be going secondary school next year... the worst thing is i left secondary school around 10 years ago!

16. I am addicted to reality shows such as Love and Hip Hop, Basketball Wives, The Real Housewives... the list goes on. It;'s like crack to a crack addict... i can't live without them!

17. My ultimate drink in the whole wide world is a Porn Star Martini.

18. I would love to produce a film/video/show on location. Somewhere exotic and cultural like Bali.

19. If i wasn't allergic to Cats and Dogs i would have two dogs and a cat...

20. I secretly think i am bipolar. and this is not to offend anyone who suffers from this as i am fully aware that this is a serious matter. But i seriously can go from 0-10 in 2.5 seconds. NO JOKE.

21. I'm normally the organiser of the group. However as of next year i am handing it over to someone else. I give up. My friends can not stick to plans...

22. I used to be able to handle my drink like a pro. Give me two glasses of wine now and i'm done for the night.

23. I have an older brother and younger sister... yes i am the middle child. We get no love.

24. I have 4 tattoos and counting. Sometimes i wish i could tattoo my whole body... unfortunately a tatted granny aint cute...

25. I love FOOD. FOOD FOOD FOOD. I think i love food more than myself!

The following bloggers i am tagging because i LOVE their blogs and i wanna be a lil' bit nosey!

Zeena Xena
British Mermaid
Hoo Did That
Hp Days
Recycling Fashion
Shanika Says

Hope you enjoyed being a nosey parker! Do join in the fun and send me a link with your post x

Secret Santa for these H**s!

15 December 2013

Ahhhh the day has finally arrived!

If you've been following my blog you would have known that i hosted a Secret Santa with some of my closest friends. It was a evening full of alcohol, laughs, food and of course the most important part PRESENTS!

I tried to figure out the best way for everyone to draw names without me having to allocate names myself and i came across a website called Draw Names. All you have to do is enter all your friends/colleagues emails and names into a form and the website will automatically pick your Secret Santa then send an email to you with your selected name. Easy right!?
What is even better is that you can create a wish-list of items so your secret santa will have an idea on what to buy you. You can even add a budget, my friends are pretty "high maintenance" so we collectively decided not to add a one.

This is what i wore...

Dress - Vintage
Shoes - Topshop - Last Season, similar here

My Beautiful Girls!

Such a fun night! Defo doing this again next year!

Hope you all are getting into the Christmas spirit! x

Black and Gold

12 December 2013

Raise your hands if it's friggin' cold out here?! *Raise's two hands*.
How the heck can you look cool in this weather? All i am thinking about is if i am super duper warm. My dress sense gets thrown out the window this time of year. For the gals out there who manage to look amazing during the cold... props to you... So with that being said i won't be posting as much outfit posts this winter and will be focusing more on the lifestyle side of Virgos and Kisses.

Today i managed to look half decent and that's for two reasons. One. My boothang Shamara R(who is also my hairdresser) hooked me up with this awesome barnet. Two. I've been staying at mums for the last few days and managed to find this dress from last season crumpled up in the back of the wardrobe. Double SCORE!

I love my hair. Kinda feeling Diana Ross'ish. If you want a killa hairstyle like mines or any of my previous hair do's check out Shamara on Twitter or send a quick email to x

Dress - Rare London via Topshop
Coat - Zara
Boots - New Look

Today i finally broke my Roman Road virginity. My friend Donica has been going on about Roman Road market forever! It's one of those markets that sell high-street clothes like Topshop and Asos for much cheaper i can only assume that they're from the back of a lorry or they run the same system as TKMax.
Today i went along with Donica's mum and sister. I managed to snap up this gorgeous vintage fur jacket for a measly £15! YES £15 i kid you not! and black Asos dress for £12. Extremely happy with my purchases... now off to find out what i can pair them with...

Right Now: Watching Suits. and Instagramming... yep i joined back the insta gang! Follow if you want to see loads of selfies and random crazy shizzle @virgosandkisses

This Week: I've been gyming it quite a lot and i've already seen results! Although i do feel like i am always hungry now. I've been taking up a few classes and my favs is Zumba and Tabata.

Looking forward to: Secret Santa this weekend with my girls! This weekend is going to be full of laughs, food and alcohol! I seriously need to get my Christmas tree up and start getting in to the festive mood..

Has everyone finished their Christmas shopping yet? or are you all peeps!

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