25 Random Things About Me TAG!

18 December 2013

No... i didn't get tagged however i am starting a TAG so see below at the end of this post for the bloggers i have put up for this.

So if you know me, or don't know me you will know that i am a nosey parker and love reading these Random things about me posts. Funnily enough you get to know a wee bit more about the blogger. So putting aside my personal style posts and occasional lifestyle posts i have decided to let you guys in on 25 Random things about me!

1. I am a mix between Vietnamese and Nigiran. My mother is Vietnamese and father is Nigerian.

2. My worst fear is getting FAT. I.Can't.Let.Myself.GO

3. I am a hopeless romanitic. I was never like this until i grew up and had a real adult relationship (which is no longer). Now i would love to get married and have more kids.

4. MOB. Money Over Boys. Guess it contradicts the above but i have to have my own stability before i settle down and give my heart to someone again.

5. I love shopping, clothes and shoes. If i could die with all my clothes and shoes i would... but the way my funeral would be set up...

6. My style crush is Tenana Taylor.. absolute doll. No other can pull off the TomBoy look like her.

7. I had been perming my hair since i was 15 and i have finally decided to take the plunge and go back to my natural hair. RIP Perm.

8. I sometimes wish i could combine all my friends into one person and that would be me... maybe just for a day.

9. I have a Love/Hate relationship with social networks. Can't explain... take me back to 1999.

10. I hate being an adult. Bills stress my life.

11. I often get asked to show ID when i buy alcohol. I secretly love it.

12. I wish i was Beyonce. Minus Jay Z.

13. I am planning on getting a nose ring next week. Wish me luck!

14. I watch everything online. It's a rare occasion that i will sit in front of the TV and watch it.

15. My son is 10 years old and he will be going secondary school next year... the worst thing is i left secondary school around 10 years ago!

16. I am addicted to reality shows such as Love and Hip Hop, Basketball Wives, The Real Housewives... the list goes on. It;'s like crack to a crack addict... i can't live without them!

17. My ultimate drink in the whole wide world is a Porn Star Martini.

18. I would love to produce a film/video/show on location. Somewhere exotic and cultural like Bali.

19. If i wasn't allergic to Cats and Dogs i would have two dogs and a cat...

20. I secretly think i am bipolar. and this is not to offend anyone who suffers from this as i am fully aware that this is a serious matter. But i seriously can go from 0-10 in 2.5 seconds. NO JOKE.

21. I'm normally the organiser of the group. However as of next year i am handing it over to someone else. I give up. My friends can not stick to plans...

22. I used to be able to handle my drink like a pro. Give me two glasses of wine now and i'm done for the night.

23. I have an older brother and younger sister... yes i am the middle child. We get no love.

24. I have 4 tattoos and counting. Sometimes i wish i could tattoo my whole body... unfortunately a tatted granny aint cute...

25. I love FOOD. FOOD FOOD FOOD. I think i love food more than myself!

The following bloggers i am tagging because i LOVE their blogs and i wanna be a lil' bit nosey!

Zeena Xena
British Mermaid
Hoo Did That
Hp Days
Recycling Fashion
Shanika Says

Hope you enjoyed being a nosey parker! Do join in the fun and send me a link with your post x


  1. OOOO did not think you was part Nigerian and oh my God me & ratchet TV are BFFs too its not just you ha :-)

    1. guuurrrl can you not see the strong features! *coughs Nose/Lips lol

      hahaha you said Rachet TV it really is thoooo lol


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