Boy meets Girl

8 December 2013

I feel like i am channeling the boyfriend look today. Very boyish with a girlie touch.

I told myself this month i was not going to treat myself to anything even if the temptation was there but HELLO i am surrounded by fashion outlets and high street shops that as a shop-addicted female the sales kept calling and calling me...

I popped in to Topshop on my break from work and saw these delicious faux leather flat-forms staring at me. Yes i said delicious and Yes i said staring. I swear i ran to the till and literary ran out the shop as i didn't want to be tempted into anymore findings!

I also done 99.9% of my Christmas shopping this weekend with Cion. I am pretty happy with my presents but also super scared to look at my bank balance. I have a few more gifts to get but they are small things which i can get on my way.

Boyfriend Blazer - H&M, similar here
Long wool jumper - H&M
Jeans - Bershka, similar here
Bag - LV


  1. Love your outfit, the whole look is amazing!

    Jesslyn from FashionSquash

  2. Love those slip ons very Celine-esque - the way you've styled them perf x

  3. Cool look.
    Adela x

  4. Wow you really have inspired me to do ootd blog posts!so glad I found your blog!



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