Dear 2013

31 December 2013

Dear 2013,

You have been one hell of a bitch! You drove me insane to the point where i didn't think i could physically move forward... those stressful and draining months brought out the worst in me but you didn't give up and i love you for that. They say you start how you mean to go on, but 2013 you started off bad yet you ended on a high so i can't be mad at you.

Break ups, lost friendships, heartache and pain and all the friggin' above! Damn homie you really put a girl through a lot! But let's not dwell on the past as that's where it's gonna stay, lets look to the future and be thankful for all you have given me.

2013 you gave me a new life, i got a new job where i get work with an amazing yet crazy team everyday, i managed to start this blog which is growing and growing and RBOB was born. What has been the most amazing part of you is that my son continues to grow and grow into a young man... and for all of that i am forever grateful.

So this is where i say goodbye to the year that has been the biggest test of my adult life. Farewell 2013 the worst year of my life yet we ended on the best note....

So cheers to you, you have been the biggest eye opener and i will never forget you but i am afraid i am going to have to say goodbye and embrace 2014 with open arms as looking back is now a distant memory and it's time to start making new ones in 2014!

With Love....


  1. Love the outfits the maxi dress looks gorgeous on you!

  2. Hopefully 2014 will be a better year for you, the third outfit is amazing and happy new year

  3. love those outfits!

    idalia (New posts on travelling to Paris alone!)

  4. 2013 was a crazy year for me too, seemed to be extremely sad and happy. Happy new year! You have a great sense of style :)

  5. Dear Michelle, I loved your post! You know what, breakups - the persons were not the right ones, lost frendships? I have been there before and everyone tells me I am a good friend - I don't know, but I am really very caring about my friends. So when we "lose" friends, we really don't lose them - they were never our friends. Besides, everyone is in our life for min or 10 years for a purpose... so I now greet you for having a great job and less "strange" people near you! Only true friends is what I wish for you (and me!) I also think seeing your son growing must be the most rewarding experience! I think your 2014 will be really great, and I wish you loads of fun and good moments! denisesplanet com

  6. lovely outfits there, you look amazing in the black maxi dress/skirt!
    Happy New Year and I wish you a wonderful 2014!

    Check out my new year post on print-clashing trend :)
    RASSP blog

  7. You have so much style !!
    I love the way your outfits have been promoted by the use of photography
    you look amazing !


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