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4 December 2013

It's on Tuesday and i'm feeling like i need to do something productive. I envisioned my annual leave much more less-proactive as that is what i had planned, but i feel there is more to life then laying in bed and watching Suits online. Although i did hit the gym this morning and am planning on doing so every day this week.

One good thing is that i actually have scheduled posts! I actually have the time to shoot outfits instead of using my well deserved weekends to persuade Cion or any poor sucker to shoot my pics for me.

On to the more pressing subject: my outfit. Luuuurve this galaxy print top from Warehouse. I bought it in the summer sales and love it! It's super flattering and i can wear it casual or dressy. I decided to pair it with this uber lush fur coat (which may i add since putting on the weight looks a wee bit small) which i took from my friend Tarell when he was having a house clear out.

Coat - H&M - Thrifted, similar here
Top - Warehouse, similar here
Boots - Topshop - OLD


  1. Beautiful look!!! I love your jeans!!! And your coat is awesome, very pretty outfit!....


  2. This coat is so gorgeous I love it! Plus Warehouse tops are the best ever :-) xx


  3. you are SO pretty! :) amazing photos!
    Emma xx

  4. You look beautiful babe x


  5. love this gurl! the coat and top are fab x


  6. I love the fur coat. You have a new follower here.



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