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26 December 2013

Awwwww Christmas is over! Ha Happy Boxing Day peeps!

I told myself this year i am not getting sucked into the sales... nope... i won't! If i do it's going to be things for the house as i need to start focusing on my that rather than my closet!

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and spent it with your loved ones. I'm super happy with my  gifts and so is Cion. I actually didn't expect to get anything special but it small gifts which are the ones i am most happy about. I may think about doing post if i'm not to lazy!

I had such a great time with the family. It's so nice to be out of London, although i do miss my friends a bit. We are heading back tomorrow morning and i need to figure out what the heck i am doing for NYE!

Christmas is usually a slow process up until the food is cooked. So i decided to make use of the afternoon and take some blog pics. I forced my sister to follow me and take these for me... she wasn't impressed...

I adore my faux fur coat, it's so lush and makes me feel like a diva! I wish i could wear it all the time but it's so heavy!

Faux Fur - Roman Road Market
Dress - Asos via Roman Road Market
Shoes - Bershka

Right Now: I'm in bed watching 'New Girl'. The fam are heading into town to hit the sales. I'm sticking to my guns and not purchasing anything.... besides i would hate for my card to decline...

This Week: So Christmas is over so i guess we need to start planning ahead for NYE. I have no plans which is a first!

Looking Forward To: 2014 Baby!!!!


  1. love that dress - the cut is so nice x

  2. That dress is beautiful. And who doesn't love a bit of New Girl?

  3. Love that dress!
    Just found your blog and cant wait to have a snoop through your other posts! Would u like to follow each other via bloglovin and GFC? Pls checkout my blog and let me know.

  4. The dress and while outfit is cute


  5. you look so classy! so stunning!



  6. Hi Michelle,

    My name is Kenneillia. I am absolutely loving your blog. Lets stay connected and hopefully network together. I have followed your blog and other social media networks for support. Hope you will do the same (If you like it, of course. lol)

    Kenneillia S. from TheStyleVow.com


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