O.M.G he's 10!

2 December 2013

I still can't believe my baby is 10! Double bloody digits!

Yes. Yes i was a young mother (still am) but they grow up so fast *wipes tear from eye*.

Yesterday we celebrated with a football themed party. I invited 10 of Cion's closet friends and family and we played a football tournament of 5-a-side.

Then the adults played the kids... annnnd we lost... all in good fun!

Check out some of the snaps. x

I hope you all had an eventful weekend as i did!

Right Now: I'm laying in my bed watching Homeland.

This Week: I have 2 weeks annual leave and i am planning on being as lazy and unproductive as possible....

Looking Forward To: Secret Santa with my girls and Christmas in Birmingham with my family! 23 Sleeps till xmas woop woop!


  1. adorable! you must be very proud! belated happy birthday to Cion from me x

  2. wish him happy birth day and lovely Pictures of him

  3. Awwww looks like a lovely day!



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