One to Watch: Chrissie Fizz

9 December 2013

I am a sucker for a new designer, especially when they are from my home town... LONDON! There is something so unique and refreshing about fresh new talent fashion. And really... who wants to always look like everyone else in Toppers and Rivers. (no shade).

I had the ultimate pleasure of being invited down to meet Chrissie at her studio based in South West London. She even let my fat ass try on some of her designs!

Chrissie Fizz is definitely no stranger to fashion and designing. Although i have only recently discovered her she has actually been designing from 11 years old. Her earliest memory was customising her own t-shirts, hats and hoodies with acrylic paint.
2009 was when she launched her very first collection called 'Colours of the 80s'. Where she showcased her new line at London Fashion Week,  Camden Unplugged and many more events as well as travelling the world. Soon after she released a range of t-shirts and sweaters under her urban brand Chrissie Fizz.

Chrissie had recently taken a break from the limelight for two years which is why you probably haven't heard much from her, although she hasn't completely stopped designing, she has been working on her new Couture/High End brand, Christina Stewart and may i add i got to see a little sneak preview of the sketches/designs and they look drop dead gorgeous! I can't wait to see them in the flesh!
Chrissie mentioned that her days of urban wear may take a back seat as she focuses more on evening/bridal wear and i commend her on that. I think is is very important for a designer to evolve and Chrissie is proving that Christina Stewart is soon becoming her evolution.

Michael Costello is one of Chrissie go to designers when she is seeking inspiration. She adores his simplistic style and how each design compliments the womanly figure. One thing that Chrissie aims to take with her on her journey is to insure her designs are made for every women.

Now Chrissie is not just a one track pony she is also an author and a radio personality on make sure you guys check her out!

Check me out below in some of her previous designs x


  1. She sounds amazing, as an aspiring designer I'd love to meet her. Btw her designs look gorgeous on you :) x

    Jesslyn from FashionSquash

  2. they all look so beautiful

  3. Really exciting piece i look forward to reading look gorgeous in the dsigns also! Chrissie Fizz is a fabulous designer and I'm sure her Christina Stewart brand will consist of a mature, couture collection! Can't wait...

  4. What beautiful designs, all absolutely stunning! Definitely something refreshing about amazing new talent :-) xxx

  5. You look stunning babe! I might need some of her designs for my next trip on the red carpet!

  6. This is great stuff, its nice to be in the know.
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