Ain't got a Clue

28 January 2014

January is supposed to be one of those months where everyone is feeling blue... it hit me now. 
Ain't got a clue what i'm feeling but transitioning is probably the best way to describe it. For all those stuck in the January blues here's some fairy dust *sprinkles* to put a smile on your face... it usually helps...

I've been watching Photoshop tutorials online recently... hence the difference in colour of the pictures below...

Dress - Topshop
Jumper - Primark
Boots - h&m
Hair bow - Donica's

Right Now: Sitting on my bed listening to music. Iv'e been listening to music more and more recently and now i like to play music while i sleep... so soothing, reminds me of when i was younger. I could't sleep with out music. 

This Week: Is going to be crazy. So much going on... which i will share with all soon!

Looking Forward To: This weekend! Chilling out relaxing and acting all cool... 

#meetmyfriendsandfam Donica.

27 January 2014

I am ever so thankful for everything i had gone through in the last year and without my friends and family i don't think i would be as strong and happy as am i today.

This year, for every month i am going to dedicate a post to every friend and family member who has had my back last year with a few personal style pics to document it. *All images will be taken by me. 


This month i dedicate this post to one of my longest friends Donica aka Nica aka Skinny.

13 years strong and i am still here to tell the story of our friendship. I think it is very important that your friends motivate you and you aspire to be as successful and credible as them. I try my best to surround myself with people who shares the same views on life as me and Nica is exactly that. She oozes humbleness and everything about her inspires me to want to be a better person. Had i had the composure that Nica possesses i think i would a better women... however CRAZY comes in all shapes and sizes... so i will own it...

When ever i need a good ole laugh and gossip and not be judged i know i can always come to Nica. She will have me laughing for days and the fact that we share the same humour is a bonus. Have you ever had a moment when you see something funny but you don't want to make it so obvious only to find that when you look over at your friend you see know they are thinking the same thing... yep... that's pretty much how we are!

A talented actress and screenwriter, Virgos and Kisses presents my crazy, funny, amazingly beautiful (inside and out) friend Donica.... oh wait i forgot to mention opinionated... yes she is very opinionated...

Donica wears:
Shirt Dress - Asos
Leather Jacket - Topsop
Shoes - Topshop
Bag - Marc B via Topshop
Sunglasses - Raybans

Throwing it back now...

Don't you just wish you had a Nica in you life.... oh well she's MINES! 

Lusting After

17 January 2014

Totally obsessed with these Stella McCartney Dupes! I am so happy that a decent priced dupes of the Stella McCartney platform boots/shoe has finally entered our world. Thank you River Island! I'm thinking i may buy these as a treat to myself if i manage to loose a few extra pounds by pay day.

I have these NewLook cut out boots in black and they are super comfy, the white seem risky especially with it winter but they look so cool... right?

I am loving the 80s/50s era at the moment. I popped in to London Retro on my way home from work the other day and loved their selection of the swing dresses especially the dropped shoulder ones. This one from nasty gal is amaze and at a decent price. SCORE!

Oh... and lets not forget this LUSH chain detailed shirt... Love! 

Who's looking forward to the weekend?!.... 


13 January 2014


I have been feeling on top of the world recently and i have no idea why! Not sure if it's the baggage i left behind last year, or if everyone around me are doing well or life just seems to be OK, but i can't stop smiling! And before you ask... NO it's not due to a BOY... ewwwww as IF.... i'm still broke though... i need to work on that. 

I'm defo channelling summer with this ensemble. I just can't wait for the snow to come and spring/summer to arrive. Waking up in the morning and to darkness is not the best way to start your day. 
My sister got me this jersey in the sales on boxing day when we was in Birmingham. I bargained with her, that if she buys me something i will do the long ass drive back to London. Not a bad bargain if i do say so myself. 
I wanted this jersey as soon as i laid eyes on it, it oozes summer (which is my fav season). I actually wanted to debut in the summer but seeing at that is soooo long away i gave in. 

Jacket - Warehouse
High-waisted shorts - Vintage Levis via Spitalfield Market
Shirt - H&M
Socks - Nike
Trainers - Nike

Right Now: I'm at work... durrr its Monday! I just came from pitching at Lime Pictures (home of TOWIE, Gordie Shore and Hollyoaks) with my Creative Director. This is actually the first pitch we have had this year so lets hope we get this one! Wish us luck!

Last Week: I told myself i wasn't going to drink until May, or at least hold out this the end of Jan... yep temptation is a bitch and Friday night was the result of a messy night with Saturday having to deal with a hangover at a kids party. Not a good combo!

This Week: I really want to attend the Short Film Festival this week, at least one day. It's so important to support short films especially in the industry i work in. So i am hoping to go to the New Shorts: London Lives showing tomorrow at Cine Lumiere. 

WaveGang Everything

8 January 2014

I'm a sucker for an up coming brand...
If you don't know get to know... 

Criminal Damage

5 January 2014

First post of the year baby!!!

I have been stuck down with the flu/cold for the past few days so when i finally was able to get myself out of bed i made sure i made use of 1. Getting over my cold/flu and 2. No rain!

I feel like i have so much to say yet so little! Firstly may i just add that this year has already started on a high... minus the flu/cold. NYE i spent in church with my friends and felt so enlightened. We then headed to a friends house spontaneously and the night got a bit messy... To much info for VK. It was nice being around all my girls and chilling out... so glad i didn't do the whole clubbing thing!

I told myself this year that i am not going to buy clothes that i don't need. I'm the worse shopper in the world. If i didn't have a tweeny bit of self control i would be broke all the time! So the sales didn't see me.... until the walked in to Footasylum in Westfields while taking Street Style snaps for Amor Magazine. I mean why the hell would a recovering shopoholic go to Westfields during the sale season! Yea... i'm pretty much a fool... However i managed to get my hands on this super cool Criminal Damage reversible bomber jacket. I HEART it.

These pictures only show one side of the bomber but i will do another post with the other side soon.

Skirt - Miss Selfridges
Boots - Dr Martens

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